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Reform Your Life With The Energy Of Black Moon Lilith As It Meets Chiron And Venus

By Souls of Silver

Things have started well in February and the month seems to be an interesting one. Many things are to come your way as the Black Moon Lilith comes under the sign of Aries.

If you don’t know what is a Black Moon Lilith, it is believed to be a location in space that can be mathematically calculated. It is also known by the name Goddess of Darkness. It is said to be related to death, transformation, obsession, addiction, and other such things. This mathematical point is not like other solid planets but it is deeply connected to the Moon.

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As the Full Moon rose this weekend, the Black Moon Lilith was posited very close to Chiron and Venus. Chiron is already sitting in the sign of Aries along with the Black Moon Lilith. Venus has also arrived there on 7th February. As all these planets’ energies interact with each other, they have made this Full Moon and the following days very intense.

Black Moon Lilith

Lilith in conjunction with the Chiron in the sign of Aries will force you to face your shadow work that was hidden until now. Your hidden wounds will be revealed too. Things that are regarded as taboo and are forbidden will come in limelight. Intuition will also be in focus. You can use your intuition to heal yourself but people who want you to remain obedient to them may not like that.

Chiron in the sign of Aries will then aspect the semisextile Uranus which is in the sign of Taurus. This will bring sudden fluxes and you will witness hurt, healing, and amendment in your finances as well as in your identity. Expect financial upheavals in February because of this. It may be a positive time for many of us, you may gain something materially, but there will be a cost to it.

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The celestial beings of Venus, Chiron, and Black Moon Lilith are just a few degrees away from each other. Their energies will force us to heal our broken relationships. The feminine energies surrounding you will help you in expressing your emotions fully. Whether it be healing yourself or helping someone else heal, this time will change things up for sure.

You should plan well to make better use of this Black Moon Lilith, Chiron and Venus energies. It will help you heal and grow as a person. Are you ready to grab this opportunity?

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