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February 2020 Luminaries: Full Moon In Leo And New Moon In Pisces

By Souls of Silver

Since we have already started 2020, there is no harm knowing about the New and Full Moons that will be on us in February. Considering we are JUST moving out of a period of Eclipse, we should be fine for now.

Full Moon

Full moons are quite aptly opposites of New Moons. Here, the Sun and the Moon move in opposing directions, which lead to opposition in the charts. Full moons have always been associated with culminations and endings while bringing about emotional energy.

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Full Moon In Leo

Since Leo is all about maintaining the matters of the inner psyche and the heart, we have an opportunity to get closer to our hearts this once. We might actually be more friendly, affectionate or kind towards other humans while expecting the same. We might also be extremely prone to socializing, to get to know other human beings, while connecting with people we end up liking.

Full Moon

With the Full Moon in Leo, there is a high chance that we wouldn’t do anything we don’t want to. It can be anything- be it big or small, but we wouldn’t get into it simply because we want to be a part of it. Rather, we would get into something our heart believes in truly. This, in a way, means that we will spend more and more time doing things that we love doing. This leads to a major decrease in the amount of time doing things that we OUGHT to. But in the end, all that matters is the job getting done. So, why not try to transform things to be as interesting and joyful as possible? After all, you do understand by now that you would only be doing things that are fun to do.

As Leo is highly creative, this period will encourage keeping our creative juices flowing. You can also try going ahead with something grandiose because Leo doesn’t like moving in with the laymen. The inspiration is around you- make something innovative out of it.

New Moon

The New Moon phenomenon occurs when a moving Sun comes in direct conjunction with the Moon. This allows for a rebirth of events, along with bringing major energy vibes. Also, we tend to be quite enthusiastic in this period.

New Moon In Pisces

When Pisces heralds the New Moon, it signals a shift. A shift, that takes from being ruled by the heart, to being guided by intuition. When you are acting upon any decision that you have taken before, it will simply feel like something that has been rightfully done. In fact, this energy will almost feel solid to touch.

Pisces, like Leo, is steeped in creativity. But unlike the Full Moon, the New Moon will encourage us to act in ways that aren’t harmful. Or one that taxes much upon our body. We will simply move in the direction of the waves- sometimes flowing, sometimes ebbing. No wild moves of any form.

Pisces sometimes takes into account the unseen and the parts covered by the veil. This encourages us to look for things that we have never thought existed. In addition, the energies of Pisces also allow us to be in the shadow while quietly working on things.

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The New Moon sextiles Mars and Uranus, in Capricorn and Taurus respectively. It is also in conjunction with the Mercury Retrograde. The presence of both Mars and Uranus helps provide the Moon with some newfound freedom which will allow it to take initiatives. With the Mercury Retrograde in place, you deserve second chances.

Here’s to hoping that both the Full & New Moon be powerful enough for you to capture your dreams.



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