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Gemini Season: This Time Become The Change

By Souls of Silver

All of us can finally look for a change of winds as the Taurus season is coming to an end. With this completion of one season, we enter the Gemini Season of 2019. The year of the Gemini shall commence from the 22nd May and conclude on the 20th of June. This change of season shall revitalize and renew our energy. This can be a time period for us during which we can finally embrace variety, flexibility, and change in our life.

It is obvious that a lot of us are not under the Sun sign of Gemini. But that is no reason to stop us from harnessing the energy that Gemini brings to our lives. We can all benefit from the intelligent, humorous and witty characteristics of the Gemini energy.

Let us delve deeper into the themes that this 2019 Gemini Season brings:

Season Of The Gemini 2019

The season of Gemini is going to be a time of fun, variety, and change in our lives. The preceding sign of Taurus brought us security and stability, which is an exquisite contrast to the liveliness of Gemini. This energy is going to make us feel eager for newer things, change our everyday routines, and engage in new things.

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The main things you should look out for are: light-heartedness, communication, mind development, skill development, learning, fun, variety, change, intelligence, and intellect. These should give you an overall view on what is going to define this season.

Mode and Element

The Sun sign of Gemini is representative of the properties that our minds represent. Gemini is a very intelligent zodiac, concerning themselves with absorbing and distributing information – extremely fast. Geminis love to enjoy a nice conversation, a lovely flirt, engaging in skill development, and flaunt their verbal collection. Stability is not a strong suit of Gemini as new things excite Gemini and they crave variety.

The craving for change is reflected in their Mode, that is, “mutable”. It refers to the fact that mutable signs happen to hate monotonous situations and are extremely flexible. So this Gemini Season, let us all embrace change with an open heart and mind so that we can learn new things, experience new things, and communicate better.

The Planet That Rules Over Gemini

Mercury is the planet that reigns over the clever and exciting sign of Gemini. It is also generically called the “Messenger of the Gods”. Mercury is also the planet that concerns itself with communication as well as the mind. This, in turn, makes Geminis very chatty and social.

Writing and teaching are also things which Mercury concerns itself with. Hence, it should not come as a surprise that we will feel the urge to start working on that story that we were waiting to write for ages.

7 Ways You Can Harness Gemini Energy in 2019:

1. Hone a New Skill or Talent

Geminis adore the process of learning. Their enthusiasm lets them accrue the full benefit of whatever they have decided to learn. Harness this enthusiastic energy and perfect a skill which you already have or work on a new one.

2. Perfect Communication Skills

Communicating ideas and themselves is paramount to Geminis. Their quick wit and delightful humor let them be in the limelight everywhere. This makes it an excellent time period to hone those conversation skills. Trying out a communication course or just trying to talk to anyone new is going to be of immense value. You will love it once you get the hang of it.

3. Begin Writing

It is not unusual at all for a Gemini to be an expert author. They pen down amazing jokes, novels, and plenty of other things. Engage your own creative talents by starting a writing project of your own this Gemini Season. Just take the leap of faith and you might land up somewhere beautiful.

4. Welcome Change

This is the season of variety and change, so why should you not enjoy the fruits of the season? Engage in a new activity, it can be anything, it can be taking a walk in a new path, or even just drinking water out of a new cup. Change up things in your life and you will be pleasantly surprised by how much it will make you feel refreshed.

5. Develop a Habit of Reading

We live in an age where it is extremely easy to immerse yourself in ready-to-consume media. Books offer us distilled knowledge that our brains can download super easily. You can always start off by reading simple books. You will be shocked at how much you might end up loving it.

6. Go Out and Meet New People

This Gemini Season makes it the very best season to enlarge your social sphere. We’re not saying make new friends, but go out there and talk to everyone you meet on an everyday basis. Make an attempt to connect with them ever so slightly. We guarantee that you will be amazed at the difference it will create in your everyday interactions with everyone.

7. Learn To Be Flexible

Make sure you can adapt to the changes around you instead of being stuck in the same position. It can be anything in life – it can be with your friends, your partners, your family, or even your routine. Learning to adapt to whatever life throws at you is a valuable life skill that everyone must possess.

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The Gemini season is the time to embrace change and engage enthusiastically in socializing. We can all learn valuable skills, develop our minds, practice better communication, and so much more. All that we must fear is monotony and dullness. For it is in the monotony that our brains stop developing and we dread everything that is around us.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and live a little more than you probably are.

If this article about Gemini Season excites you, then share it with your friends and family and make the change.



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