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Mars In Cancer: Be Sensible In Your Actions

By Souls of Silver

Mars is associated with War. It is a sign that is looking to get out there in the midst of action and engage in it. But Cancer is just the opposite. It is mostly sensitive and while it might go for actions too, it does not take the direct route of Mars. The result is that Mars feels really uncomfortable when it is in Cancer. The sensitive side of the water sign does not sit well with the aggressive side of Mars. Cancer spreads its water on the fire of Mars and douses the flame.

The warrior planet makes sure that we can break down all obstacles as we move ahead from point A to point B. It might seem like Mars will be inactive when it is in Mars, but don’t be deceived – Mars still has a lot of punch to it. The only difference is that it is now going to fight with a bit of sensitivity attached to it.

When Mars Enters Into Cancer

Mars gets into Cancer on 15th May. Cancer is all about love and family. It tries to preserve the love and values of the family. Hence, to preserve our familial side, we end up not only identifying and being grateful for the family but also protecting it. Here is where the energy of Mars comes in favor of us. While Mars will try to push us forward, Cancer does not allow us to forget family – we tread together, protecting each other. Mars also helps in putting forward pending domestic work. So, if you have been planning on home improvement, this is the best time for you to get on with it. Go, paint that window.

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Since family will be a chief theme during this period, you will also go out of your way to defend someone who is getting their rights taken away. The person would probably be a part of your family. When Mars is located in Cancer, it does go for the nurturing energy of the alignment, but along with nurture comes the instinct to defend it so that the feeling stays for a long time. The only problem with Mars staying in Cancer is the loss of direct action. The passive nature of Cancer takes over and while you will still be acting within a field of action, you will go to it in a roundabout way – with the classic Cancerian passiveness.

If You Were Born When Mars Was Located In Cancer

Cancer is sensitive and that sensitivity makes Cancer loyal to the people they love. Add to that the protective instinct of Mars and you become a fierce defender of family rights and also, a fighter to preserve family values. Home becomes your sweet spot and you would do everything to keep the environment of your family and home ‘homely’.

You might act passive and people might take this as a weakness but it is not so in any way. Your passiveness does not take away your tenacity. When you commit to something you try to get to it, any way you can. Those claws are pointed to the prize – always.

Change is not something you are comfortable with. Disruption makes it difficult for you. The Martian aggression has been balanced by the Cancerian sensitivity – in the process, you end up suppressing your feelings inside. It can make your mood swing on either extreme.

Sensuality is part of you – but it is hidden. You are not very outward with your emotions. Rather, you would observe your partner and then, take a step to express yourself. You believe in equality in relationships – equal giving and equal receiving.

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Traits Of People Born When Mars Was Located In Cancer

  • Highly-intuitive
  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Defensive
  • Seductive
  • Persistent
  • Loyal
  • Intense
  • Sensitive

Let’s hope when Mars is in Cancer, you will get to your goals, even with your passive approach. Cheers.

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