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What Will The Year Of The Rat Bring For Your Zodiac Sign?

By Souls of Silver

The Chinese New Year has already set in, and this year is dedicated to the Rat. This year will last till February 11th next year, so we have a lot to plan and decide until then. People who take birth under this sign are quite intelligent and charming but always decide on living a private life. These people are also extremely good at finances- so you can always ask for financial advice from them. And lastly, they are extremely intuitive, which sometimes gets negated by their sudden bouts of recklessness.

Here is the horoscope for the Year of the Rat 2020 based on your zodiac sign:


This year is going to be extremely generous to you, as you will find everything falling into place. Things will happen according to your plans and you will see yourself nearing your goals. But you still need to keep your eyes on the prize- don’t move them away.


Time is of the essence and you need to make good use of it. Go out and work hard. Build that dream into a reality. Since this year is going to be quite sluggish for you, you need to work doubly hard to ensure that there is smooth sailing thereafter. Leave what isn’t working, and select what is. Success will be in your grasp.


Life will be in your control in the year of the Rat. Everything, from your professional space to your relationships will be working as you want it. After a long time, you will finally find some peace. And this may make you languish a bit. Don’t let that happen- ensure the positivity keeps flowing in.

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There were certain plans made last year which didn’t come to fruition, did they? Well, now is the time for you to start working on them. Start working on where you are lacking, and take them to the highest magnitude possible. There is no point otherwise- if you dream big, make sure to work big.


This year is all about tranquility for you. Don’t hurry through anything- be confident and power through your tasks. There is a high chance that you will lose motivation midway, but you need to understand one simple thing- if you realize that you are losing motivation, you will be working doubly hard to ensure that your tasks are completed.


This year is going to be a paradise for you. You have already settled every problem at work that you were facing previously. All you have to do now is ensure that your love life remains hassle-free. If you are single, you will find love. And if you have found it already, you know how to maintain it, don’t you?


Go all out, don’t hold back. Higher risks will pay higher dividends. Also, you may have to change the way you are a bit to be the best possible version of yourself. Work on things around you, and keep hustling.

year of the rat


Move out of your comfort zone. Things are changing, and you need to adapt to them. It is for your own good. Let the year of the Rat guide you!


Your life is going to be extremely virile this year. You will enjoy every bit of it while bringing in newer people to share the joy with. Also, try taking risks- it may further your career.


You have finally come in sync with your emotions, and are not afraid to say what you want. And this is a very empowering front for you. But, don’t try to wrest control- let things take their due course.

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You have widened your horizons which are going to help you deal with a variety of stuff. This is going to further develop your faculties, making you an asset for wherever you work.


Keep your eye on your target, and hit it. There is no going back, considering how focused you already are.

Hopefully, the Year of the Rat will be splendid for you! We wish it brings you love, happiness, and immense prosperity.

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