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Pisces Season: Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

By Souls of Silver

Before we begin, one needs to know that Pisces season has begun on February 18th. This season will last until 20th March, giving us ample time to go forward and invest in our creativity.

It is common knowledge that the Sun is always in transit at a new zodiac sign every month. As we live under the Sun, we also get influenced by the zodiacs that the Sun is currently visiting. When in Pisces, we avail the power of healing and creating. And it goes without saying that we should be able to hone and sharpen those skills.

Here are 6 ways to do just that during this Pisces season:-

Go Deeper

Pisces is all about illusions, for it is ruled by hazy Neptune and once you can get past that, you are all set. While Pisces might make you want to believe in everything that you see, don’t. Trust your instincts, gain some perspective, and try to go deeper. Don’t judge a book by its cover. This is the moment when you stop focusing on your senses, and let your spiritual existence take over. You might actually get some new insights into something.

Most importantly, don’t cross something off just because someone told you it was stupid. If you want to consult a book before you start or simply want to consult cards, do so. Gaining some perspective is all that matters.

Restoring Your Third Eye Chakra

Sometimes, you need to let intuition take a step forward. This not only lets you have some breathing space, but also prevents you from second-guessing your actions. But sometimes, this chakra might get blocked due to lack of use. Located in the middle of the two eyebrows, one needs to open their third eye and, in the event, that it is blocked, one should consult a healer. You could also try yoga, especially forward bends that would release tension from the pineal glands – the place where your third eye is present.

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Water Conservation

Neptune rules over the galactic seas of Pisces. This Pisces season, we really need to understand the problems of water shortage and conservation, for safe water is depleting at a massive rate. Also, despite what some people might say, global warming is real, and so are the melting ice caps. NASA’s climate website is the best place to get some perspective on this.

This is the time we should start out water conservation plans at full throttle. Recycle water bottle, and don’t just throw them away. Use water only when you need it. And most importantly, try bringing back the ole’ gem water sippers. Also, try donating to water conserving charities like Charity Water.

Bring Forth The Poet In You

Don’t stop being creative. Get hold of your muse. Find something or someone who inspires you. Someone who would willingly sit before you as you pen down everything that is bubbling to burst forth. If you are facing a writer’s block, relax your mind and look for inspiration in everyday life. Look at the birds flying or the trees swaying with the wind. Look and seek. That is definitely the way to go.

Get Rid Of Grudges

Simply, let them be. And to put it bluntly, no one really cares about your grudge, not even the person you are holding it against. This season, extend an olive branch, and make your peace. For holding grudges would only hamper your progress.



Be A Romantic

Even when it looks like you have a lot of work to do, don’t forget to live your life. Live, love, but don’t forget to stay grounded. Mostly, love yourself as Pisces is quite romantic that way.

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Hope you have a nice time ahead.

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