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Changes Come From Within With The Pisces New Moon And Libra Full Moon

By Souls of Silver

On 6th March, the New Moon is going to enter Pisces. Pisces is a water sign – boundless and shapeless. It is always creating new appearances. Hence, this zodiac sign has an extra bit of creative touch to it. It’s dreamy and gives an extra boost to our imagination. So, combine this energy and put all your creative ideas on the paper or canvass – develop your masterpiece. This is the best time to bring it out into the open.

Plus, other changes are coming your way with the Pisces New Moon.

With your creative energy soaring high, you will also have your spiritual side developing. Connect with your spiritual side and you will find a whole new perspective in you. As the two powers combine, you will tap into a generous side of yourself. You will be connecting with higher realms and understand the connection between worlds and the people in it. Go out and help someone. However, do not become too blinded – trust your intuition. Know who needs genuine help. And then put all your empathetic energy towards helping them. Work alongside them and try to decipher the best way that will assist them. Yes, at first, they might not trust you, but that’s natural. We don’t trust people that easily. Keep at it and you will develop the necessary bond.

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Pisces is the final sign of the 12 zodiacs. So, whatever you have experienced will come back to you but now, you can close those chapters. You are moving on and Pisces brings you to the last chapter of your book. Move forward and enter into a brand-new life. Whatever you have left in the past – let it be. Tomorrow is what counts.

Neptune is coming in conjunct with the New Moon. A ruler of Pisces, this will heighten the dreams, twist reality, and make it all become blurry. Fantasies and reality will become one and the same. However, it will make us a bit more empathetic. However, you don’t have to feel lost. New Moon sextiles the steady Taurus. Once the two planets make these alignments, reality will come back to your dreams and ground you.

However, the retrograde is already happening in the New Moon. So, it will conclude at 16 degrees in Pisces and that means, the power delivered by the New Moon will become much lower than usual. Plus, there will be certain changes coming with the Pisces new moon. So, it is best if we stay prepared.

Full Moon In Libra

On 20th March, the full moon will come in Libra. Libra is judicious and controls our relationships. The full moon focuses on our emotional side and helps us enter into positive relationships with people. However, it can make it hard for us to take decisions properly. When the full moon is in Libra, it is best to be calm and slowly process the things that are happening to us.

As Libra is about relationships, your relationship with other people will get affected. So, during this period, you will be a lot more open-minded and accept different perspectives that come to you. But while you are accepting others opinions, don’t open yourself up too much. Don’t let others walk over you and disrespect you. Plus, since indecisiveness will be a pattern on New Moon in Libra, we might wonder if things are going to work out fine or not in the Full moon.

The Full Moon in Libra will be taking place at the crucial 0-degree position. We must stay strong within and maintain our individuality. Even while helping others, our individual selves should not die.

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Hang in there and remain an individual. Then only will these cosmic events bring a whole lot of promises your way. The changes brought by the Pisces New Moon and Libra Full Moon can be both good or bad, just the way you want to use it.

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