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Energy Shifts Of 2019: Discovering A New You

By Souls of Silver

We are almost three months into this year and it’s already looking like an adventure. There have been many energy shifts and cosmic events. Plus, right now, we are going through the Mercury retrograde which is bringing all sorts of trouble to our communication. But that’s not all. We are looking forward to the return of Uranus in Taurus after 84 years. Our emotions will be fluctuating and will become too difficult for us to control – but we have to try. The universe is with us and all these shifts are just helping us grow and be one. It’s going to be magical.

While we may feel all tensed with these changes, we must try to spread out our wings and take off. Let us become aware of our emotions more, but we should also be able to differentiate between our current emotions and the collective emotions that are forming within us. The days will pass swiftly and it might be difficult for us to keep up with the pace. So be ready.

It’s a learning period for all of us, so we must try to handle it as it comes. We have to develop a strong and open mindset to allow the energies to be infused with us. Many people can observe the energy shifts happening before them while there are others who are trying to use it to better themselves. Choose what you want to do.

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During this time, we might make an effort to develop new decisions and go for something new. These energy shifts have started since 2017 and now they are going to shake us up into confidence as we grow and receive the final alignments that will take place in 2020. Last year there had been certain shifts that might occur every 50 or 84 years and will help us revolutionize our lives.

Jupiter Enters

The expansive Jupiter is coming to our help and it will help us to expand our dreams and imagination. We can now take risks and go for something bigger. Uranus will give us the extra spark to innovate our lives and develop it into something new. So, you can already see that while you may have faced some minor shifts in 2018, this time, you are in for some major ones. We should use our first few months for healing processes so that we are prepared to face the final ones without a problem.

If you had been sleeping, this period will give you a wake-up call. If you were waiting on the sidelines for life to pass, then this is the period when you have to get into the flow.  You have to apply yourself and let the cosmos guide you to your expected destination. You won’t be disappointed.

But be aware – it will be intense. The energy shifts are massive and it will make you feel confused and disoriented. Let the energies flow through you and then things will start making some sense. Lose your ego and let the universe control you. 2019, with all its energy shifts, would want us to ask more questions and challenge our awareness. Are you ready to do so?

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Accept the energy shifts of 2019 and let it become a part of you. Grow in the process.

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