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How Is The Mercury Retrograde Going To Affect Your Personal And Professional Life

By Souls of Silver

Get ready folks – that time of the year is here. Mercury has gone retrograde on March 5th and will stay the same till March 28th. It would definitely rock your boat again. But, this instance, not everything has to be a downer. This Mercury Retrograde would be the key with which you can unlock your dreams, aspirations, and see your wishes come true. But, this is no gift. You actually need to gear up, and hit it on full throttle so when this planet finally goes direct, you would know what to do. Use the energy of Mercury retrograde in these areas to enrich your life.

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Mercury Retrograde and Love

The easiest way to deal with love is to wait for the Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. Why Mercury Retrograde? For Mercury has always been the ruler of communication, and in the event of a retrograde, communication is completely stunted and slowed down. So, this might be an issue with people who are almost about to be in a relationship themselves. But for the rest, it would actually give them a breathing space. Reflect on your past relationships and see if there is anything that needs to be dealt with. As we all know, we all have skeletons in our closet that we would do well to take care of. Why Pisces though? Well, Pisces is emotional, rational, and full of feelings. To deal with something as complicated as a relationship, you do need emotions, right?

Mercury Retrograde and Work

This Retrograde would not only let you introspect on what you have done in your love life, but also how much have you succeeded in your work life. Work can only be fruitful if we are motivated enough to do the work. If you don’t have work ethics, there is no way people would actually appreciate your work completely. This Mercury Retrograde in Pisces allows us to slow down, catch a break, and reflect on how you have been tackling your job. How have your interactions with people been? Did you let your emotions get the better of you or have you always worked with a positive emotion backing you up?

Mercury Retrograde and Health

We can’t reiterate this anymore, but you REALLY need to take a break. Sit back, watch a movie, sleep, read, but don’t be so active that you end up simply hurting yourself. Check your diet and see if you have been eating anything that doesn’t suit you. Check on your workouts, tweak them a bit and if you have the time, take hot baths and massages after an intense workout session. But whatever you do, don’t overexert yourself. Not at this moment. This is the time when you simply need to reflect. Because if you strive for action, the reverse nature of the planetary bodies would definitely harm you.

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You will be surrounded by a lot of Piscean energy, since it’s the Pisces season. It implies that you will be undergoing a lot of mood changes. Also, take heed of what you say or do. Always take a deep breath before swinging into action.

Best of Luck. Make sure you use the energy of Mercury Retrograde to empower these specific areas.

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