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Cancer Season From June 21st: Find Out Who You Really Are?

By Souls of Silver

It is in your Home that you finally get some peace of mind. But have you found that home inside? Do you look inside and see whether you have allowed yourself to be who you actually are? What is a home? A home is a place of security – of belonging and comfort. We do find security and comfort when we are living within the brick-walled home. But is that all we need? Have you ever looked inside and found home within? Because safety and belongingness come from within us as much as it comes from outside us.

The 2019 Cancer Season is all about finding this Home within. It has started on a special day too – on the Summer Solstice – the 21st of June. The Solstice is officially bringing Summer among us. But the change of season is not the only thing that it offers. Rather, the day is a time when the Sun happens to stand still. And along with the sun – we too stand still, reflecting on ourselves.

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The stillness of the Sun brings about a stillness within all of us. And that means, we must wait and watch as the energies shift and reveal new things to us. The Solstice is bringing a brand-new season – it is now upon us how we shall use the new seasonal change and find a direction to move forward.

But in our life, there will be many occasions that compel us to move forward – now, we have to pause and make sure that we are taking the right step.

Think of your home – think of five things that remind you of home. A smell, a taste, a sight or food – let your intuition guide you. Do not remain limited in your mind. As soon as you have this list, start feeling it – invite the subtle feeling within you. You will start to feel that you are at home – that despite the raucous world outside, you are present within your inner self. Unafraid- protected.

For many among us, security is by creating an armor under which we will be hiding. While it might seem the best way, it also blocks us from news experience – from love and achievements. From friendships. On the other hand, there are many who reveal too much of themselves. They end up feeling exhausted or in co-dependent relationships that restrict growth.

The balance is necessary – the balance between being open and yet closed enough to protect your energy.

The journey is about self-love. You have to practice it because for some reason, loving yourself has not always been easy. Let the Cosmos help you with it too during the Cancer Season.

You are not someone who lags behind – you are worthy of everything. You are not here by mistake. You are important and for that, you need to love yourself. You have earned your love – you deserve it. No matter what people say – love yourself. Despite all the struggles that you go through, remember, you have enough love inside you. Direct it to you.

Self-love is important. Remember, life will always throw you down – it is meant to disbalance it. It is you who have to get up, brush your clothes and move forward.

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When the Cancer Season begins, it will align itself with Sirius, a fixed star. Sirius has been acknowledged as the star which is the gateway to paradise. It is the Spiritual Sun for our ancients – home to the wise and the conscious. Once the Sun aligns with Sirius, it is time for us to breathe in the oneness that it brings – the unity between the wise ancients and the naïve modernists. Our vibrations levels get higher and we move up to higher realms.

Cancer wants us to return to our inner selves and find the home within. It is about finding the safe place that we have all searched for outside us.

It was always within.

Use this mantra to make the most of this season: My heart lies in my home. In my home, I’m secure and strong. I am protected. I’m love. Now, I’m open too.”

Let the Cancer Season bring you to YOU. Let the emotions inside you define who you are.

Best of luck.

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