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August 26 Brings New Beginnings-How To Put The Pisces Full Moon To Good Use

By Souls of Silver A lot’s happening in the skies these days. August has been nothing but eventful, astrologically speaking, what with the eclipse and the opening of the Lionsgate Portal. If these were not enough we are also in the midst of the retrograde season with as many as six planets in back-gear. Add to it the Full Moon of August 26 at the sign of Pisces, which only makes this August more eventful than ever. Here’s how to make the best of it! READ: The Retrograde Season Is Upon Us: Here’s What You Should Do The moon in whatever phase it is in, is always shaping the course of our lives as much as it does to the tides. And Full Moons are the times when this influence is most potent-it symbolizes rebirth and new possibilities.

The Sturgeon Full Moon

The Native American calendar does not call the August 26 Full Moon the Sturgeon Moon  without reason. Like the sturgeons which expand into giant sizes and live upto 100 years if circumstances are in favour, this moon brings us the opportunity to reap the benefits of the efforts we have put in so far in our endeavours and possibilities to make the most of our goals and strike the right balance in life in the weeks to follow.

Make the most of Pisces

Alongside that, the water connection is strengthened by another favourable coincidence. For the Full Moon has as its host, the zodiac house of Pisces at 3 degree 12 minutes angle. This sign is known for its compassionate and soothing energies. This will certainly help you feel more calm and positive than you have been feeling for weeks. The sense of being stuck is finally going to recede. Be ready to feel you have arrived! Your blocks will clear and life will flow in its natural course again. It is the time to get in touch with your soul! READ: We Can Detect Your Lies From Your Zodiac-Here’s How

Uranus in a Trine with Sun

This conjunction will help you unlock the window to your soul. Uranus in trine with the Sun brings in lots of intuitive guidance. It is an opportunity to know your higher inner self. Transformation is on the cards and so is self-development and self-reflection. The outcome is going to be nothing but positive, so plunge in with hope and optimism.

The Starry Connections

What more, the auspicious conjunction of the moon with two powerful fixed stars Sadalmelik and Fomalhaut opens up lots of potential too. You will be flooded with new information which you can put to great use in meeting your aspirations. Again, this is a great time to channel into your intuition and developing skills in occult and tarot reading. This is the moment to take the leap and plunge in to claim the success that is rightfully yours. The alignment brings large companies money and successful business deals. It is however, best to do things above the table; prospects are not good for clandestine operations!

The harmonious forces of Kite Conjunction

Overall, August 26 brings all the five forces of harmony in the sky, the celestial blues under one degree orb. With the Full Moon placed opposite the Sun and two other Grand Trine and Minor Grand Trines in tow, they form a kite-like alignment which is a divine sign to soar high! It is the time to be creative, acquire new talents and work on yourself and your relationships to make them better. Prospects for money and success in endeavours have never been this high! So, make the best of the Full Moon this August 26 and reap the most from your situations, and in no time you shall be growing like the sturgeon in great lakes! READ: Self-love: Is It The Key To Your Inner Self?


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