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The Sturgeon Full Moon Is Due On August 26- Are You Ready To Reap The Harvests?

By Souls of Silver The galactic calendar of the Native Americans considers the upcoming full moon on August 26 to be one of the holiest. They call it the Sturgeon full moon after a native species of giant fishes found in the great lakes which are called sturgeon. READ: Why The Finale Of Mars’ Retrograde Is Not As Cool As You Thought

What are the sturgeons?

For the uninitiated, sturgeons are a rare breed of ancient fishes which, if the circumstances are in favour, can live up to a century and grow into massive sizes. The eggs of these fishes are where the lavish caviars served at upscale parties come from. It is, therefore, no surprise what a full moon named after the sturgeon stands for. Resilience, to survive against all odds, without giving up. There are times when you need to firmly hold your ground no matter what. You might come across as arrogant or haughty but trust us, there are circumstances that demand such pride, if you know you are holding on to what is right. READ: This August Experience A Huge Energy Rush According To Your Zodiac

Full moons of harvest?

August full moons anyway occupy a special place in Native American astrology. They call the full moons in this month barley full moons. For they coincide with the time of the year when the natives reaped harvests at their millet fields. The philosophy behind naming the moon after the grain might seem complex though it is not really hard to crack. For, harvest stands for results of efforts. Hard work put in for a year reaps rewards in the form of harvests. But these rewards wary with the whims of nature, for when mother Earth is not in the mood, toil can also be rewarded with poor harvests. This full moon, therefore, stands for results to be gained, for the effort you have been investing in all fronts. But remember, while your commitment and hard work makes a difference, you are a co-creator. Forces external to you, call it situations or luck are key players that determine how much you reap from what you have sown. READ: What Uranus In Retrograde Means For You

Be the sturgeon this full moon

Thus, like the sturgeon that given the right circumstances, make the most of their sizes, you must make the best of your situation in this race of life. Remember you are not alone though; at every point you are part of a broader social circle. Your life impacts and is affected by other at every step! One of the biggest such networks is the internet. Social media controls our life to a great extent- the number of likes, online trolls, cyber-bullying has touched all our lives. But we have the capacity to make the most of it, use it to comminate better and bring the human connection back into our lives. So, this full moon, make the most of your circumstances like the sturgeon and reap the highest rewards your situation has to offer!


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