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The Nine Years’ Cycle Can Predict Your Future

By Souls of Silver

Have you ever heard about the nine years’ cycle? Many of us are interested in how our future will look but have no way of knowing. The universe has many cycles. There are cycles of day and night, of seasons, and even that of reincarnation. Human life too has several cycles called the nine years’ cycle.

After learning about this cycle, you will start noticing the pattern of your life. You’ll also understand how major events are often aligned with the specific energy of a year.

It takes only less than a minute to calculate the year of your nine years’ cycle.

Calculating Your Personal Year

To find your personal year in the nine years’ cycle, you need to add up the digits of your month of birth and day together along with the digits of your present year.

I was born on the 22nd of May and the present year is 2020. To calculate my year, I add up five for the month of May, and the single digits of my day of birth. Finally, I add the individual digits of 2020 to get the final result.

2 +2 + 5 + 2 +0 + 2+ 0 = 13

If your final result is a two-digit number add it again. 

1+3 = 4.

I’m in my 4th year. Did you find out yours?

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What Do The Years Of The Nine Years’ Cycle Represent?

Year 1: Inception

Many things ended for you last year and you have to rebuild things from scratch. Keep in mind that whatever you do this year, will serve as building blocks for the new cycle. Try to start afresh and get rid of old habits.

nine years' cycle

Year 2: Connections

It’s a slow year. The projects that you started, will take time to develop. You need to be patient. Work on your skills and abilities. It is good for romantic relationships. Even marriages can take place in the second year of the nine years’ cycle.

Year 3 Of The Nine Years’ Cycle: Expression

It’s a great year for your romantic and social life. You need to be careful about your finances and business. You will also improve your personal expression and thrive creatively.

Year 4: Hard Work

It’s not a very social year. You will have to work very hard on your projects. You will learn self-control and will power.

Year 5: Change

You will want to break free from all chains and be free. This is the most adventurous year in the nine years’ cycle.

Year 6 Of The Nine Years’ Cycle: Love and Nature

You will pay attention to your relationships with your partner, friends, and family. It is a slow year and you will feel at one with nature.

Year 7: Self-analysis

You will reanalyze all that you have done these past few years. You will achieve a lot and be blessed with financial abundance.

Year 8: Harvesting Achievements

Many higher-paying job opportunities will present themselves to you. This is the peak of your nine years’ cycle.

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Year 9 Of The Nine Years’ Cycle: Ending

It is a bittersweet year. Many things will end this year, relationships, friendships, jobs, etc.

Your’s being prepared by the universe for another nine years’ cycle.

You will start feeling the effects of the new cycle four months before it actually starts. This is because the energy flows gently from one year to another.



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