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These Zodiac Signs Will Be Affected The Most During This New Moon In Virgo

By Souls of Silver

The year has been astrologically quite eventful. We saw quite the number of retrogrades all throughout August; it had us all in limbos, as far as communication and getting things done were concerned. This month too, will not be any different.

New moons and solar eclipses are like astrological catalysts that boost the energies of the phenomenon they coincide with. This makes sure that certain signs of the zodiac get boosted and their predominant characters get more enhanced, and in some cases more aggravated.

The new moon on September 9 is anything but dark and is set to bring joy and laughter and luck to you all. But here are the signs that are set to be affected by its powers the most.

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P.S.: Make sure to truly open up your mind and heart during this period. Interestingly, this is the thing with most metaphysical things: you must hope and believe for them to take effect.


This is the time when your emotions will remain haywire as usual. You will, as usual, reminisce to get out of things. You will remember things that used to cheer you up, but in this case, this time, things might have causal effects and the domains might just open a gate or a window and help you find a better solution to your deeper problems.

So stay tight, keep your fingers crossed and heart open.


Violence and peace, life and death, go hand in hand. There are times for indecision and contemplation and then there are times of action. This, my friend, is the time for decisive action. Let the gods guide you down the path predestined for you.

Use the time you normally use contemplating your decisions to actually get up and do stuff, and the gods of success will definitely bless you.



This is the mother sign for this new moon. So it is only natural, according to the laws of astrology, that the sign in which the event takes place, gets a push of energy from it.

The passion you have in yourself will be multiplied and given back to you. All the parts of you that have been hurt in the past thanks to mistakes on the part of people, will be healed and you will feel whole and hearty again.



You have never been the one who keeps promises or respects boundaries. This new moon will just aggravate this tendency and make you an all-out I-don’t-care personality.

This is great for you and your Bohemian nature; but whether it’s good for the ones around you, is another question altogether.

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You will find the courage to walk down new paths, undaunted. This is the time when you finally manage to think outside the box as your mentors have always instructed you.

The ‘standing out from amongst the crowd’, will come soon enough now.




It is going to be the time when you get the recognition you always deserved. You will also find out that all goodbyes are not meant to be sad, and that the fact that you have cut off certain toxic elements from your life, is a great and commendable achievement.

Peace be with you, this new moon!



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