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Scorpio New Moon On 7th And 8th November: Brace Yourselves To Feel The Energy Of Love

By Souls of Silver

It is an auspicious time for Scorpios: the New Moon is happening on the 7th and 8th of November and you need to be ready to look deep inside your soul now.

From a few weeks, because of the Venus retrograde, all of us have been busy healing ourselves. The emotional ailments of our heart have been resurfacing as we are surrounded by such energy. All of us have been undergoing a continuous process of healing and transcendence.

And the Scorpio New Moon is going to act as a catalyst in this process. It will guide us into tapping the softer side of our heart and lead us towards discovering compassion, sympathy and love towards everyone and ourselves. All of us should take extra care of our heart. Soothe yourself and your heart, keep negativity astray by reminding yourself that life is a learning curve and there will be mistakes all along.

Practice forgiveness at this time. As you remember, October was the month which had infuriated you as you were going through a cleansing phase by inspecting the deepest darkest resources of your heart, specifically during the Taurian Full Moon. If you are still in that phase, you are going to be able to calm your nerves through kindness and compassion. Forgiving doesn’t only mean that you have accepted something or someone but it actually means detaching yourself from all the negative elements in your life and transcending petty situations which affected you earlier.

Forgiveness is quite powerful in being able to bring about change within yourself. It is of crucial importance that you forgive yourself first before moving onto others. And Scorpio energy helps you in doing so. Use forgiveness to level yourself up in terms of awakening. Forgive everything and anything that you have regretted until now.

In order to forgive yourself use a mirror! Stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself, deep into your eyes, hands on your heart and utter the phrase- “I forgive you” again and again till you feel light-hearted. After this cleansing you can go and talk it out with others if you choose to.

You must have noticed how most of our difficulties with others begins with misunderstandings and miscommunication. You need to remember that although all of us interconnected we are still individuals having dissimilarities in a lot of spheres. You cannot expect everyone you encounter to be exactly like you or align with your thoughts.

Practice empathy with a lot of dedication. Viewing others with empathy will enable you to actually accept difference. Sympathizing is not enough. Empathy ensures that you actually understand the other person and hear them out. You can only ever know yourself. Everyone else has a different story. So approach others with kindness and forgive. Some people need that badly.

Spread healing! Begin with your heart and then strengthen your roots and spread it all across the universe. This New Moon of Scorpio is going to provide us with an opportunity to exercise kindness, compassion and forgiveness, use it to the full capacity.

Also, the New Moon is quite romantic. Romantic in every sense i.e relationship-wise, creativity wise and heart wise. Utilize this surge of energy to repair any open wounds. Your heart is going to be very close to you this time so please experience the power of love as much as you can!



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