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How To Identify Sacred Signs And Symbols Sent By The Universe

By Souls of Silver

We are the universe and the universe is us. Sometimes we feel isolated and detached from the entire world. But we can never deny the strong connection we share with the universe. It is always there for us no matter how alone we might feel. There exist symbols, messages and signs all around us.

There are so many evidences that the universe wants to tell us something. Suddenly strolling, you might have found some coins, then another day you might have observed that birds belonging to same species keep coming to your door. You might have woken up on the same weird time every night. And all of us have begged for signs when faced with a crisis.

All these are proof that someone out there is taking care of us. A higher, omnipresent invisible power that is responsible for guiding us. It is a mystery that cannot be solved.

Our intuition plays an important role when it comes to making life changing decisions. But intuition functions well only when we can be calm and stable internally. The stress that accompanies any crisis hinders our intuition to speak with us.

The same situation happens when a dear one dies. While they are trying to talk with us, we are submerged in our own grief, unable to hear their voice. Intuition remains inactive and blocked when we are so consumed with our emotional turmoil.

We begin to think of our desires as intuition. But when we keep struggling to get answers, there arises another option. The sacred signs sent from the universe are in actuality a projection of our intuition. The divine energies recognize our turmoil and break the barrier formed in our mind.

Any kind of sign, coincidence, symbols come from the universe, from the higher power. Through them, we are actually directly engaging with strong energies that spread positivity and have the power of healing. Worrying is replaced with new hope of love and positive vibes flow all around us.

These signs sent to us happen suddenly and unexpectedly. We should be open to identifying them. If one day, we see a flower landing directly on our head, we begin to think what it might mean.

Or if we find a note not meant for us, with a positive message, we feel the need to decode its message. These little gestures from the universe make us gleeful and guide us in the worst times.

These signs and messages are accessible to each and every one of us. Special gifts are not necessary to identify the universe’s messages. So keep your eyes and minds open to interpretation and always lookout for these sacred signs!



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