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Did You Know That Hair Has Healing Powers Within Itself

By Souls of Silver

All of us are very conscious when it comes to our hair, but are you aware of the hidden healing power that your hair carries within itself!

Each and every strand of hair in your body has the power to heal you, beginning with your facial hair to the hair on your head.

We also tend to get goose-bumps when we hear something exciting or are wary of something about to happen. It is your intuition that is trying to communicate with you via your hair.

The tips of our hair behave like antennae which collect energy from our Universe and then try to activate our creativity and consciousness onto a higher level.

Hair is directly run by our nervous system. It communicates with the brain regularly. The electromagnetic field generated in our body is kept in equilibrium by our hairs that ultimately increases our functionality, vitality and intuitive powers.

Several hundred years ago, chopping off of hair was not in vogue. Many cultures recognized the importance of hair as a symbol of their heritage and identity. The slaves’ hair were cut to make them submissive by blocking their energies.

When China was conquered by Genghis Khan, he made them chop off their hair and possess fringes as it blocked the vision of the third eye, inhibited intuition and prevented them from gaining knowledge.

Even today where the cutting of hair has led to a booming stylist industry, many cultures do not believe in chopping off hair as they want to save their spiritual powers.

For Native Americans, their hair aided them in connecting with Mother Nature and harness her in positive ways to their advantage. During the American Indian Wars, these Native Americans who carried longer hair successfully scouted the land better than other tribes with smaller hair.

According to Sikhs, hair should never be cut as it hinders spiritual advancement and affects our heath negatively. You must have noticed many Sikhs tie their hair in a “rishi knot” inside their turbans, always. By doing so they are promoting mental and spiritual growth. When Delilah chopped off Samson’s hairs, Samson lost his power to fight back.

If you undergo a haircut, for three years it loses its control of communicating with the universe. Your intuition powers falls down to becoming almost negligible.

The structure of keratin, a protein component in your hair, resembles the structure of sacred gemstones and crystals.

What are some of the steps you can take in order to safeguard the sensitivity of your body hair?

1.) Always choose Natural, herbal hair products:

Avoid using Shampoos which contain synthetic materials or chemicals. They damage your scalp and reduce your intuitive powers as well. Go for herbal treatments. Also, colouring of your hair should be avoided.

2.) Avoid Trimming:

All of us firmly believe that we need to trim our hair regularly to keep split ends at bay. But we should focus on making our hair healthy by altering our diet. Natural home remedies like coconut oil and almond end prevent split ends.  

3.) Avoiding Blow Dry:

Your hair should dry all by itself. Expose yourself to the sun after taking a bath and let your hair dry. Through this, Vitamin D also gets absorbed into your hair. Dryers also emit electric currents that interfere with the receptivity and sensitivity of hair.

4.) Avoid Over-Shampooing:

 Our hairs have natural oils that keep our scalp clean. Shampoo only when you find it extremely necessary to.

5.) Hair-Wash for De-Stressing:

When we fight and get emotionally disturbed our hair gets filled with negative energies. Taking a head bath can relieve you considerably as the negative energy is washed off as well.  

6.) Comb your hair with Wooden Comb:

Throw away your plastic brush and use a wooden one as it will help you maintain the level of energies around your crown chakra and also protect your electromagnetic field. There is no static electricity in a wooden comb, which in turn allows the scalp to emit energy.

7.) Styling your hair:

During daylight keep your hair tied up. It promotes energy absorption and also fuels your pineal gland. During night-time, leave it open to absorb the lunar energies thereby enhancing spiritual insight.

8.) Chopping your Hair:

If you have to undergo an haircut, do it only while the moon is in its’ waxing phase. This is going to promote quicker growth. Do not cut your hair after sundown.

Hair is a very powerful and effective medium of communication that exists naturally in our body. It can be effectively used to gain spiritual ascendancy. Keep in mind some of the advisory laid out for you and feel the changes in your intuitive powers soon.



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