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5 Signs That Prove You Have Fairy Bloodline

By Souls of Silver

As children, we have all read storybooks that mention magical creatures called fairies. We have all dreamed of meeting them and possessing their natural powers. The Celtic folklore believes that members of the royal family were bearers of the fairy bloodline and were more powerful than normal human beings. 

Thus, it should not come as a surprise if there is still an existence of fairy blood in some of us. Here are 5 signs that show you might be a part of the fairy bloodline.

1. You Appreciate Folk Tales More

Folklores used to be the favorite bedtime activity that would put us to sleep. But for some of us, these stories were more than just a source of entertainment. Some of us were deeply attracted to the magic revolving in these worlds and even dreamt of riding dragons. 

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2. Lower Body Temperature Than Others

If you seem to have a body temperature that is cooler than normal, it could mean you have traces of fairy blood. The cold temperature will not sting someone. However, it will spread a soothing sense of calmness over their body. 

Fairy Bloodline

3. A Deep Desire To Heal The World

You might have already opted for a medical stream, as you wish to give your life to helping others. The deep fulfillment you feel in helping people and healing their troubles might show you have fairy blood running in you. 

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4. Fairy Bloodline Is Proved If You Had Invisible Friends While Growing Up

Many of us have had invisible friends while growing up, ones that our parents couldn’t spot. These friends used to be visible only to us, and we could interact with them fully. These invisible figures can be spiritual guides who stuck with us in our growth period.

5. Irregular Sleep Pattern With No Middle Ground

You might have intense energy to work through the day, but your sleep pattern might be in extremes. You could either fall asleep instantly or battle with insomnia.

Does any of the signs match? Share this article with your friends and discuss who amongst you could belong to the fairy bloodline!



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