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This 4 Minute Video Will Leave You Awestruck! Find Out Why….

By Souls of Silver

Anatomically, the sexes have been divided into two kinds; males and females. According to human biology there are some very key differences that exist between them in terms of their bodily composition, DNA, behavior, hormones etc.

But most of us assume that these anatomical distinctions comes only with our reproductive organs but in reality the minute fertilization of the sperm and zygote occurs, it becomes clear whether the child is going to be a male or a female. The sperm carries XY chromosome and the ovum carries XX chromosome. Post fertilization if the combination is XX, then it is a female child, and if the combination is XY it is a male child. It is absolutely a matter of chance as to which combination will be formed in the zygote.

At the same time, gender is a social construct in many ways and whether the child will grow up a man or woman is also dependent on its sexual orientation which develops much later in life. It is important for us to grow beyond strict binaries in terms of gender.

But anatomically and biologically the markers for gender distinction remain the same. In the whole 9 months that we spend inside our mother’s womb, there undergoes so many stages of development unknown to a lay man. But through this very short 4 minute video we witness the most extraordinary process of foetal formation and development never seen before. The beautiful process of pre-natal development mostly unknown to common folks like us has been visually explained in a surprisingly lucid manner.

Life – a word which brings us immense joy. And when there is a birth, the celebrations know no bounds. Life leaves us in awe of itself. The whole process, starting from the fertilization to the delivery of the baby, makes us wonder at the power of Mother Nature and God, our creator. No matter how logically we think about life, it’s meaning and genesis always eludes us. We do not how, where and why human life originated, or as a matter of fact, life originated.

All the facets of a fully grown human being is already decided during the pregnancy period of 9 months. Its skin color, eye color, height etc are already determined from the minute the sperm fertilizes the ovum.

The growth of a foetus from a mass of muscles and flesh to a tiny new-born baby has to be witnessed through this amazing video. Watch it and get to know everything about how a baby develops, all under 4 minutes of your life!



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