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Creating Your Personal Mandala Can Be Used As A Way Of Meditation

By Souls of Silver

The word Mandala is of Sanskrit origin and it translates to ‘Circle’. And if you are familiar with mandala art, you’d instantly make the connection.

All mandala paintings are in the form of patterns set in concentric circles. They have been found in multiple cultures with more or less similar purposes, for meditating, establishing a sacred connection, reflecting on the nature of self and the universe and so on.

Mandala drawing is an excellent way to give steam to your creative energies as well as to find peace and relaxation. They are as good as meditating and for those who can’t empty their mind of thoughts, this is a pretty good hands-on practice.

You just need to let loose and follow your intuition. You don’t have to be good at artwork to draw mandala, after all you are just doing it as a private practice for healing and relaxation. Just a basic understanding of shapes and a little bit of stationary and you are set.

Here’s what you will need:


Pens, Sharpies, Acrylic Paints, markers, anything which can be used to write or paint is good enough.

If anything catches your eye- a feather, flower, leaf or rock, you can incorporate it in your Mandala.

Candles or incense if you’d like to cleanse the atmosphere and charge it with positive energy

Soothing or meditation music if you feel like it.

The Process:

There’s no right or wrong way to make a mandala. You can do anything which you feel inspired to. If you are having trouble getting started, just draw any basic symbol on the center of your sheet and start drawing around it. This center images could be as simple as a single dot, or can even be a word.

Keep drawing around this center symbol, using different colors or mediums whichever suits your fancy. You don’t need to have a pre thought out image of how you want your painting to turn out to be. By doing so, you will learn to live in the moment, instead of always looking forward towards a certain end goal.

The more you let your mind wander; the better would be your final painting.

This was originally posted by Soul Travel Rules and has been republished here by kind permission.



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