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5 Signs That Will Help You Realize That Someone Is Manipulating You

By Souls of Silver

In life, we come across people who are entirely different from who we are. And that is fine-for no two people can be the same. But sometimes, the other person turns out to be totally different from what we think them to be. They could be conniving, cunning manipulators, who simply con you of your emotions. Yet, how do we know when someone is manipulating you? Well, here are 5 signs that will help you understand if someone is manipulating you.

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This Person Decides Things For You

This person will never let you decide things for yourself- even though it might concern you. Sometimes, they won’t even wait for you to make a decision- deciding things by themselves, while not caring if you want it or not. This begs the question- are you really living your life?

They Place Conditions On Everything

When a manipulative person does something, there would always be conditions placed on it. They would never do anything out of the goodness of their heart. It’s simply a power struggle with them- and nothing else.


A Manipulating Person Is Not A Man of His Words

They will definitely make tall claims about things that they would do, but they wouldn’t follow through at all. They will say something, and yet do something completely different. And then they would come up with an excuse to cover it up.

This Person Would Never Encourage or Motivate You

A manipulating person would always criticize everything you do, regardless of the understand it or not. They are totally insecure in your accomplishments and will never hesitate to put you down. All they lead to is an immense lack of self-confidence in you.

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They Come in Like a Wreckin’ Ball

They would come in with all guns blazing and yet leave the moment you fall in love. This person will make promises which they have no intention of following. They will claim to love you, but it would be nothing but lies and treachery.

So, if you know someone who is an expert in manipulating someone, steer clear of them.

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