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The Magical Process Of Making Full Moon Water

By Souls of Silver

Full moons are beautiful, aren’t they? Just looking at it on a lonely night can instill hope in you. Is that what makes it significant? Full moons are actually an emblem of energy and the period can fill your life with endless possibilities. It is true that the full moon rejuvenates both your mind and body, impacting your life in a positive way.

So how can you use the full moon to your benefit? By rituals of course! The full moon water can detox your chakras and accelerate the healing process. It does not require too many things, and you can easily try it at home.

Why Water?

What if we tell you that water can retain words? As shocking as it is, Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher, has found out that water can contain information. His study has proved that positive and negative words can make frozen water look beautiful or broken. Boris Koch, a German professor, has further explained this notion in his studies. Water can retain memories of everything it comes in contact with. Water can actually imbibe your thoughts and energy, which is why having charged full moon water can be life-altering.

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The Procedure

The goodness of the full moon can be easily absorbed with the help of water. Your thoughts play an integral part in making the simple process a success. How does it work? The water will soak in your energy so you must meditate prior to the ritual and make sure you have positive thoughts only. You have to keep your energy balanced and pure either by some quick breathing exercise or burning something that rids negative vibes.

Choice Of The Vessel

On the full moon day, find a vessel made of glass, it could be anything – a glass, a bottle, a jug, or a jar.  This is because glass is devoid of the toxic materials that we find in plastic, and it is absolutely crystal clear. Any other material may be opaque and hinder the process of energy transfer.

The next step is to fill the vessel with filtered water. There is no rule as to how much water is required, just go along with your intuition as it will guide you.

Be Creative

Remember that this process is to re-energize both your body and mind. Let your creative juices flow as you decorate the vessel. You can either use a sharpie to write an inspirational quote on the vessel itself, or you can put precious stones in it. Putting gemstones inside the water will require a little research, but you can always keep it around the jar. Flowers are also an emblem of positive energy. You can put petals in the vessel too. You can make candles float on the water or surround the jar with it.

Charging The Water

Once the container appears nice, you have to cover it up and place it outside, where there is a view of the moon. It can be on the windowsill too! Just make sure that the moonbeams fall directly in the water. You can also place the jar earlier so that it can absorb some sunlight as well!

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Bless The Water

full moon water

This is the most important part. Before putting the jar outside, place a hand on the cover, and ask for it to get charged. While doing so, be specific about your desire, and focus on the parts of your life that you want to improve. Choose your words carefully so that they can empower you. Leave it at night and collect the container again in the morning.

What To Do With The Full Moon Water?

The next morning, utter another blessing that will crystallize your desire and take a sip. The ritual requires you to sip it each day before you eat or drink anything and continue for 28 days, i.e. till the next full moon.

Conducting the ritual during an eclipse makes it even more powerful. You can store it for an important occasion. Drink it directly or make blessed tea with it. During a moment of crisis, you can also use it to purify your body by splashing a little on your face.

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the process. You must trust your gut feeling and go ahead with it. It will help you regain faith in yourself and give you a new direction in life.

If you like this process of making full moon water, then share it with your friends and family, and spread the word.



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