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5 Ways Through Which One Can Develop Self Awareness

By Souls of Silver

Self-awareness is one of the most important traits a human being can possess. It involves the awareness of one’s self- what it is capable of, what it is doing, and where it is leading itself to. It also has several advantages that would help you protect yourself. One of them is the ability to not let your body sink into depression.

One of the best ways to develop awareness is to meditate. Meditation leads to being mindful of your surrounding and everything that is around you. In fact, you would get to a point where you would be able to separate the past from your present, and any memory from the past would just be that- a memory.

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In the present, you would be aware of everything that your senses feel. You can manage your feelings, your emotions, and not for once would you feel that you were having delusions. Any negative thought that would have previously affected you due to its intensity and the number of times that you have had it since you were a child, won’t affect much now. For, you would be mindful enough to notice that it is simply a recollection from your past, which has no bearing on your present.

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Self awareness is always paramount to keeping one sane and happy. If you have gone through any psychological trauma, or are recovering from addiction, then this is the best way for you to do so. But keep in mind to go slow. Your mind and your body aren’t conditioned for this, so you need to let your body adapt to being self-aware.

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And this would also give you enough time to heal, and think about healing.

Here are 5 ways that you can use to slow down, and pace yourself for the new life:

1. See to it that you are either meditating in the morning, or at night. You have to do it every single night or day, for which you need to fix a time.

2. Yoga should be practiced. Be it in the evening, or in the afternoons.

3. Maintain a diary or a journal where you chart your progress, and write about your experiences.

4. Pace yourself in such a way that you aren’t hurried for anything. Be it eating, walking or working. Make sure to enjoy each aspect of your life.

5. If you are recovering, you might as well see a therapist regularly.

These are merely suggestions, and the real zeal needs to come from your own self. See to it that it does.


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