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Rediscover Yourself With This Pisces Season Meditation

By Souls of Silver

The Sun has recently shifted into the final sign of the zodiac. As the Sun stays on here in Pisces, it is time we embrace the power of forgiveness. We feel compassion and creativity now. Pisces Season Meditation is what will help us rediscover ourselves now. We seek closure in order to welcome new beginnings!

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Pisces is usually associated with healing, closures, and releases. Forgiveness is what can help us liberate ourselves from our resentments as the astrological year comes to an end. Now is the time to rediscover our emotional side, as prompted by Pisces. Introspection can help us release past pains as we prepare to move on.

Pisces Season meditation is a way of facilitating your emotional surrender. Steer yourself away from the “victim mentality” and empower yourself with this meditation.

Learn to forgive. When we think about forgiving others, a question often pops in our mind: “why should I forgive them?” This is often rooted in your pain. The simple fact is, the sooner you forgive them, the faster you can heal. You will feel liberated because when you forgive them, you will also feel the burden getting less. This will help you rediscover you: a kinder and more compassionate you!

Pisces Season meditation

Here’s how you can relax and practice the Pisces Season meditation:

This meditation will help you in releasing toxic emotions. These often interfere with our happiness so why not spend 10-12 minutes and find the new you?

Firstly, you have to find a quiet and peaceful place where you feel one with the universe. It could be indoors or outdoors, wherever you find calm. Next, you can opt to rub some essential oils on your palms and temples to help you calm down. You could light some scented candles if you are indoors or use some aromatherapy diffuser. These are optional things that can help you absorb the vibes better.

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This Pisces Season meditation might give you some inspiration or insights so why not keep a notebook nearby? Next, play some meditation music and close your eyes. Get immersed in the music and feel the vibrations of the Universe. Let it guide and inspire you!

Spend at least 10 minutes doing this Pisces Season meditation and after every session, you will feel the impact. You will feel liberated and creativity will start flowing like the waters of Pisces!

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