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Harness The Power Of The Cosmos To Bring Abundance In Your Life

By Souls of Silver

The Universe has been guiding human civilizations since time immemorial. Humans have often looked above and tried to give meaning to it all. To the mysteries out in the cosmos. Be it the primitive man looking out and finding the zodiacs in some random star groups or the modern man armed with technology, looking for new elements in other planets– a fascination for the cosmos has held us all.

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Not just staring outside. Even the way an exterior object, our Moon, can affect the waters of the earth has astonished many. Be it land or in the realm of magic, the cosmos intrigue everyone. Even colors like black and white, due to their association with magic, have had planetary associations. Even religions like Hinduism worship personifications of the stars, planets, and the Moon. Planetary energy can be considered as a purer form of energy. It can be manifested by humans in order to enhance their abilities to perform rituals.


In the older days, such practices of harnessing energy would lead to severe punishments for the “wizards” but with time, modern society has acknowledged and accepted such practices. Now people understand how the positive light of the Sun sustains life here not only because of photosynthesis but also because it helps banish the negative energies around us.

Other beings of the cosmos, like the Moon, is considered potent for females while Mars is known to bring passion. Mercury is believed to facilitate our work while Venus brings romance in our lives. Every planet in the cosmos, specifically our Solar System has a day and stones dedicated to it.

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You can arrange your energy altar with the help of this:

  • Moon – Monday – white/silver candle – sandalwood – Moonstone
  • Mars – Tuesday – red candle – nettle herb/ginger – Ruby/Garnet
  • Mercury – Wednesday – yellow candle – caraway herb – Agate
  • Jupiter – Thursday – blue/purple candle – sage herb – Sapphire
  • Venus – Friday – green/pink candle – Rose/Jasmine flowers– Turquoise
  • Saturn – Saturday – black candle – Comfrey herb – Onyx
  • The Sun – Sunday – gold candle – Marigold flowers – Amber/Topaz

So how are you going to use the power of the cosmos to bring abundance in your life?

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