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Archangel Uriel: Wisdom, Illumination And Light

By Souls of Silver

Archangel Uriel is among the seven angels of high rank. He is the angel of wisdom, illumination, and divine light.

Archangel Uriel Offers Enlightenment:

The name Uriel is linked with the light and fire of God. Uriel radiates pure divine light. It helps one in his/her intellectual pursuits. Being connected with Uriel means one can look within, take cognizance of one’s inner strengths/weaknesses. One can evaluate them and raise them to higher realms of consciousness for a wholesome transformation.

Uriel Offers Healing:

Knowledge is limitless, and so is Archangel Uriel’s domain. His range includes creativity, ideas, insights, judgments, science, universal consciousness, divine order, etc. Anything there is for one to know- comes under the reign and control of Archangel Uriel. 

Knowledge enlightens and illuminates, and so does Uriel. He helps in wiping out our negativity and fallible judgments. He also purifies our mental and emotional understanding. Uriel also transforms them into a more pure and heightened spiritual awareness.

Invocation To Connect With Archangel Uriel:

The high vibrational frequency and radiance surrounding one when connected with Uriel is life-changing. Hence, it transforms one into a more evolved and better human being, indeed.

Here’s how you can connect-

  1. Firstly, close your eyes, relax, and breathe. 
  2.  Imagine the most brilliant golden light you could perceive surrounding you. Be in this state and cherish the presence of the divine light around you.
  3. Release all your expectations and anxieties. Just breathe and focus within.
  4. Once you are ready, say your prayer.

archangel uriel

Uriel Prayer:

Silence your anxieties and disturbing thoughts. Furthermore, open your heart to receive the light within you by praying to Archangel Uriel in humility:

“Uriel, please enter into this moment and connect with me. Uplift my energy levels, and fill me with love and positive vibrations. 

“Show me the way to greater consciousness, leaving behind fear, doubt, and ego. Help me shine bright and be my authentic self.

“Fill me with so much light that I glow and reflect the true divine spiritual being that I am.

“Help me become the bearer of illumination. Such, that I can drive away from the darkness of ignorance from the lives of others as well.

“I thank you, Archangel Uriel, for your unconditional guidance, love, and healing that illuminate my mind, body, and spirit at every level. So I can shine my best according to the Divine Will for the greater good.”

Prayers are subjective; they are personal. So one can always choose to say it their way. Just remember to focus on your prayer with an open heart. Seek the light in all humility. Let the light enter your being and help you become aligned with the divine vibrations of the Archangel. When this happens, you are in perfect sync and tuned to their guidance and presence.

We live a life of worldly affairs that is not fulfilling and hence incomplete. The need to shift our focus to the inner world, and move towards greater consciousness has become important. Above all, archangels are a real blessing. They are the link between humanity and spiritual awareness. This is sought after only if one knows how to prioritize, value, and connect with them.



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