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Your Romantic Quirks Based On Your Zodiac Signs

By Souls of Silver

If people could just look into each other’s hearts, then we would have easily understood who loves us and who doesn’t. But since we can’t see the romantic quirks, it becomes so difficult to understand through people’s body language. So, naturally, we tend to go along with our assumptions. As a result, things don’t often work out and leave us red-faced. But did you know that you can identify who loves you and who doesn’t by their Zodiac sign? Every Zodiac sign has their own romantic quirks, and it starts getting revealed when they fall for you and then try various ways to win you over.  Find out which Zodiac signs carry strange, romantic quirks so that you can easily identify who loves you:


If an Aries has a crush on you, you can expect some turning around of expectations. If you expect they will go gooey and starstruck when you come to them, think again! They will tease you and often pass a snide comment that would make you furious. When you see your Aries lover insulting you often and then laughing it off – pat your back – they have fallen for you!


Taurus is the element of the earth – so when they like you, you can be sure they will ground themselves for you. If you have any problems, tell them and they will listen to you closely in such a way that might even unnerve you. Don’t worry, that is just their way. You can expect some planned answer that would enrich your soul.


When a Gemini starts liking you, they will go to any extent to make you happy. Get ready for a barrage of corny jokes, deliberately tripping over, or some made-up funny stories that you could see through. It doesn’t matter though – as long as they can tickle your funny bone and get to your heart.


If a Cancer likes you, you will know their friends and family. It wouldn’t be an accident if you come across his buddy on your way to the office, or if her sister drops in at work, and starts a serious conversation with you. If you find something fishy about all these encounters, know that a Cancer has a crush on you.

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You will get gifts all the time, even when you didn’t think you would need one. Leos have this tendency to go a bit overboard – so if they fall for you, you are in for thousands of gifts coming your way. The kind of gifts is what might intrigue you the most – expensive, necessary, and something that will make you like them a whole lot better.


Virgos are generally reserved and keep to themselves, but love has the ability to change who you are. Love arms them with a completely different form of romantic quirks. Virgos will suddenly become the natural comic, making fun and acting all goofy when their love is around. They are nervous and would do whatever they can to impress you. Don’t screw with them though – they are just trying hard to win your heart.


If a Libra is in love with you, they will become your personal assistant. You can call them up for help at any time, and share with them your stories. They will become your best buddies, a counselor, and can even bring you what you need if you are going through some tough days. They just want to stay beside you all the time.


Scorpios are inquisitive. If they fall for you, get ready for a long interrogative session. They are curious about you and wish to know everything about you. It might be overwhelming at first, but love means to accept each other completely. Whatever you say, do not lie to them. Scorpios hate people who lie and if you will be honest about everything – even the bad stuff, you can go for a wonderful time ahead.

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When a Sagittarius falls for you, they fall for you deeply. They can’t express it verbally, but they do so physically. If a Sagittarius loves you, you can be ready for some physical interaction – a kiss, a sudden hug, or a back rub. They like to imagine new ways to make physical contact, but don’t get freaked out if they hold your hands suddenly in cafeterias – it’s just how they tell ‘I love you’.


Capricorn will become your personal handyman if they fall for you. Does your car need fixing? Your Capricorn lover is there just for that. If your watch needs rewinding, they will do it for you. It might all seem subtle but they do it so many times, that you know they love you to pieces.


Aquarius is unconventional, so it’s really difficult to understand how they will react when they fall in love for you. Rest assured, they will start being a little more creative than usual. You might even get someone like Ted in HIMYM, stealing your favorite piece from a café wall.


Pisces is an artistic bunch, so they can get really subtle and creative to show how much they want you. Maybe they will write a poem for you and perform it on poetry night, or maybe they will draw your portrait and hang it on their walls. They can get quite creative that way.

However unconventional the zodiac sign may be, just know that they are truly and madly in love with you. Love shows itself in strange ways – so be aware of the romantic quirks and find out why your friend might be acting strangely all of a sudden.

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