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What Is The Astrological Significance Of These Planets?

By Souls of Silver

Has it ever crossed your mind what energies retrograding planets bring to your life? The universe is filled with immense possibilities and there is very little that we know. Leaving Pluto and Earth aside, there are 7 heavenly bodies in our solar system – Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus. Each of these planets carries energy that influences our lives. Let’s take a look: –

The Heavenly Body Of Communication – Mercury

It is known by many that when Mercury retrogrades, there are numerous miscommunications that take place – on an individual level as well as with electronic machines. This celestial body is the ruler of intellect, reason, and communication.

Mercury is the ruler of the zodiacs of Virgo and Gemini, so the people born with these zodiacs have a very difficult time when Mercury retrogrades.

Ruling no. – 4

Tarot Card – Magician

God – Magician Hermes

Spirit Animal – Hawk

The Heavenly Body Of Beauty and Love – Venus

Venus is the symbol of relationships, love, beauty, attraction, and art; just like Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess. Venus is the ruler of the zodiacs of Libra and Taurus.

Venus encourages one to enjoy simple pleasures and beauty of life. It urges us to establish connections with other humans.

Ruling no. – 6

Tarot Card – Lovers

God – Love Goddess

Sacred Animals – Rabbit and Dove

The Heavenly Body Of Action – Mars

The planet Mars is the source of the “masculine” energy which can be aggressive at times. It is also competitive, passionate and courageous. It is the ruler of the zodiac of Aries, the goal-oriented one.

Ruling no. – 3

Tarot Card – Tower

God – War God

Sacred Animals – Wolf

The Heavenly Body Of Growth – Jupiter

The planet Jupiter happens to be the source of expansion and growth. It is the symbol of optimism, abundance, and luck. It is the supreme ruler of Sagittarius. The planet of Jupiter will assist you in finding your true calling in life.

Ruling no. – 5

Tarot Card – Wheel of Flow

God – God King

Sacred Animals – Eagle

The Heavenly Body Of Discipline – Saturn

This planet oozes energy that gives us important lessons. Saturn is the symbol of structure and law. If one ever feels the need to “grow up”, this planet will be your guide. It is the supreme ruler of the zodiac of Capricorn.

Ruling no. – 7

Tarot Card – Crown

God – Cronus

Sacred Animals – Dragon or Snake

The Heavenly Body Of Rebellion – Uranus

Uranus happens to be the exact opposite of the heavenly body of Saturn. This planet symbolizes the breaking of rules, rebelling, and embracing one’s eccentricities. Uranus is the symbol of erratic change and is the ruler of the zodiac of Aquarius.

Ruling no. – 8

Tarot Card – Fool

God – God of the Skies

Sacred Animals – Bull

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The Heavenly Body of Dreams – Neptune

This planet is dreamy and mystic. This planet is the harbinger of dream messages, mysticism, and strong intuition. It also assists our creativity and nourishes the power of imaginative thinking. It is the ruler of Pisces.

Ruling no. – 9

Tarot Card – Hanged Man

God – Sea God

Sacred Animals – Dolphin

How is the planets affecting your zodiac? We hope you have a better understanding now.

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