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Uncover The Secrets Of Birth Astrology

By Souls of Silver

Did you know that your Sun Sign is not your only sign? In Astrology, the Sun Sign is just one among several others. As a whole, they give you a complete reading of your Birth Astrology. Sure, the Sun Sign has gained more popularity. People refer to it more commonly, but there’s more to your Birth Astrology. If you look at only one of the signs, you are yet to understand yourself completely.

Now, how can you get to understand about the other signs? If you dig into your natal chart, you’ll notice that there are different signs for all the celestial bodies surrounding you. Your Birth Astrology varies depending on the placement of those bodies at the time of your birth. 

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11 Signs To Help You Understand Your Birth Astrology Better

Let’s dive into the different signs to get a wholesome understanding of our lives.

The Rising Sign Or Ascendant

Do you ever feel like what people think of you differs from your perception of yourself? This is what this sign is all about. It determines how others perceive you. It also tells us about the kind of first impressions we leave on people. Understanding this will unlock the answers you were seeking for a long time.

The Sun Sign

This is what we call the Zodiac Sign. You may come across your horoscope based on your Zodiac Sign. While it tells us a lot about our personality, there’s more to uncover in your Birth Astrology depending on more nuanced features.

The Moon Sign

This sign reveals information about your emotions. That doesn’t mean how we feel at a time, but our general emotional outlook towards life. It tells us how to handle ourselves or situations in life.

Birth Astrology

The Mercury Sign

This sign reveals how you take matters in. It uncovers our personality to determine if we tend to hide behind our shells and struggle to open up. 

The Mars Sign

This sign has a link to inner passions. It reveals how we express our opinions and desires. It reads how we function and get things done.

The Venus Sign

Venus, the planet of love, reveals information about our love lives and our general approach towards love. It tells how we tend to behave in the face of relationships and so on.

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The Jupiter Sign

Jupiter is all about prosperity. So, if we need an in-depth understanding of where we stand concerning financial matters, we can read into this sign to understand our Birth Astrology better.

The Saturn Sign

We’re uncertain of a lot of things in life. Uncertainty leads to fears and frustration. This sign tells us all about how we handle this fear and deal with it.

The Uranus Sign

This sign breaks down the nuances of our personality. It digs into why we are how we are. Understanding this sign aids in figuring out what we want to do in life.

The Neptune Sign

We tend to overlook this sign a lot, but this is crucial in understanding our internal talent. This sign draws from our personal experiences and helps to boost our creative side.

The Pluto Sign

This sign delves into the philosophical realms of our lives. It uncovers how we look at life in general. It sorts our motivation and perception of the deeper truths of life. 

Now, you have an idea about these signs, read into yours to uncover the secrets of your Birth Astrology.

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