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The Retrograde Season Is Upon Us: Here’s What You Should Do

By Souls of Silver

So, the eclipse season has barely passed and the Lionsgate Portal has opened up on August 8, bringing in floodloads of spiritual energy and forces of karmic cleansing. But with 6 of our planets in retrograde, life on the earth-plane is nothing but a roller-coaster ride. The retrogade season is on and no matter what your sign is, you are bound to feel the force of retrograde.

What the Retrograde Season is Doing to You

Mars, on its backward journey, brings nothing but frustration. The God of War is responsible for the inner battle raging inside you, not least with the unsavoury aspects of your past.

If you are feeling tongue-tied and is perpetually at a loss of words nowadays, you can blame Mercury. It is the one responsible for people getting away with whatever they want, with you having no power to react.

On the relationship front, you can thank Uranus for the mess you are in. She is all out to push you to the limits of your patience. The only way you can resist is by holding on to your patience. We can assure you of no respite till Uranus ends its retrograde in January first week next year!

Saturn is not helping either, not till September 6th when its retrograde ends. The lord of Karma, he is all out to shove you around. This is the time to work on the baggage of your karma, release them and start things anew. Taking the initiative and hard work is the way to go and will bring many rewards.

All of us need to be aware of the situation and on our guard, but there is no reason to fear. While we all  are feeling the pull of these forces, your zodiac hold a clue as to how you can make the best of the retrograde season.

Fire Signs

If you are an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, watch out! For you folks, it is time to spit the inner fire out. Be the dragon. You are in for a lot of questioning and clearance of all that is pent up inside you. When interrogated, you would do better to blurt out the truth.

Even if it makes the other party uncomfortable, do not shy away from speaking out what needs to be said.

Air Signs

The air signs or those with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius as their zodiacs are in for some serious introspection and retrospection. You guys need to reflect on how things are and how you want things to be. The tendency in you to shut your inner voice off is not going to work anymore. You need to listen to your heart for once and let the energies flow. This is the time to honour what your heart has to say!

Earth Signs

Earth and Water signs are in for some similar situations though their fates are not going to be identical per say. If you happen to be an Earth Sign, you are feeling a bit off recently. But you do not have any idea of what to make out of the current situation. You have started to see things from a different angle nowadays and what you see does not make you feel good.

Water Signs

For you folks, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio-you need to do what you are not used to doing. That is being firm in your decision. Do not let anybody else sway you from what you think is right for you. Express what is in your mind and heart and take the reigns in your hand.

This is a time to speak and act with care. Be aware of the forces in work and move with them and not against them. Make the most of the situation and the best will automatically come!



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