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The Mystery Of The Mystical Unicorn

By Souls of Silver

The unicorn stands as the symbol of purity, innocence, miracles, magic, and enchantment. It takes the position of being perhaps the most wondrous and marvelous amongst all its mystical counterparts.

The appearance of this magical being is rare. It usually only appears to people whose deeds are virtuous – bearers of pure hearts. The unicorn bestows magic, wisdom, and miracles to these kind souls of our planet.

The arrival of this majestic being is announced by the jingling of tiny bells. It can be announced by the rustling of chimes in the breeze.

Bells and chimes happen to be symbols of the presence of divinity, they are the sound that announces the vicinity of a great spiritual company. When we hear chimes and/or bells without distinct reasons; it is then that we can say that we have been blessed with the presence of this divine being.

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When one kills a unicorn, the individual is cursed with endless karmic debt. It’s because the unicorn is the divine incarnations of purity, wonder, and perfection. It is a deed which only those souls that have been entirely corrupted can undertake.

We all may have come across the image of a unicorn being a white horse that has a horn at the top of its head. The horn can be long, spiraling, or straight.

Symbols Of A Unicorn

These are the three symbols that the unicorn holds: the color white, the spiraling horn, and the body of a horse. The horse is the symbol of travel and movement.

Unicorns are celestial beings that have the ability to travel anywhere they want. They can make their presence in any place, realm, or dimension at any time.

The color white is the symbol of innocence, perfection, and purity. White is considered similar to silver. It is rich in symbolistic properties. It represents the female as well as lunar properties of intuition, virginity, receptivity, and instinct.

The most authentic metaphysical and alchemical aspect is virginity, which is also representative of a pure mind and spirit. It also considered pure matter or prima Materia, as well as pristine knowledge or Prisca Sapientia.

It is due to these properties that the arrival or appearance of the unicorn is considered an honor and a godly present. However, it is very important to keep in mind that only the deserving individuals of pure heart and virtuous acts will ever get to see a unicorn.

The Majestic Horn

Except for the rhinoceros, unicorns are the only beings that have one horn.

Animals with two horns are symbols of matter as well as the duality of realms. But the single horn of the unicorn is to remind all of us that the one realm of theirs is the realm of unity.

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The one singular horn of the unicorn represents the endless, repeating cycles of time. In addition to that, it is also the symbol of the mighty sword. The blade is representative of the mind. The unicorn’s horn is also the symbol of pure reason as well as the unity of belief.

The part from where the horn of the unicorn emanates is the location of the crown chakra. The crown chakra is the boundary of the different kinds of realms.

It is because of the fusion of so many pure qualities of the unicorn that places high among celestial beings.

Conclusively, it should be very obvious now that any individual that experiences the appearance of this divine being should consider themselves blessed.

Hoping to see a unicorn? Always remember to have a pure heart and a pure mind.

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