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The Lionsgate Portal: 8/8 Is Arriving

By Souls of Silver

The Lionsgate Portal opens up a galactic pathway that allows a stream of high vibrations to enter Earth. We can all tune into it and vibe with it. The activation of this Portal is due to the numbers 8/8, The “Leo” season Sun and the rising of Sirius. 

The Lionsgate Portal will be peaking on the 8th day of the 8th month but we can feel its influence on either side of the specified date. 

In terms of numerology, the eighth day of the eighth month provides high spirits and high energy, charging up our lives. 

Lionsgate Portal

We are considered to be infinite souls and we take on our infinite journeys. This is signified by the number “8”.  The soul that lives on forever or the “forever conscious” part is represented by the same number.

8 is also associated with abundance, DNA activation, and power. This makes the 8/8 an important date to charge our respective energies.

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Lionsgate Portal includes astrology too. It involves the rising Sirius and the Sun in Leo. Sirius is considered to be our Spiritual Sun. Our Sun shines on the physical world while Sirius shines on the truth of our eternal souls. 

Lionsgate Portal

The rising of Sirius is a sacred event and marks the beginning of the new year in various cultures. 

The Lionsgate Portal: Few Things To Experience

1: Healing Of The Heart 

The Lionsgate Portal resurrects the heart chakra. Your new/old wounds will rise again for healing and you will feel free from guilt and sadness. 

2: Awakening Your Third Eye Through The Lionsgate Portal

This portal can activate your third eye chakra. We might feel more intuitive at this time. These intuitions will be strong and the Lionsgate Portal is the best time, to work on our inner reflections.

3: Openings Of Higher Chakras

We have 7 major chakras within our bodies but we can activate several others. The others are sensitive and can be awakened during this portal. We can tap into new wisdom and greater spirituality. 

4. Visitations During The Lionsgate Portal

Sirius is the home of angels and other supernatural beings. We are likely to see messages, dreams, and signs from the deceased ones in our family under the influence of the Lionsgate Portal. You might also encounter aliens and guardian angels during this time frame. 

5: Freedom

Freedom has the strongest vibrational energy.

It is an illusion that the Sun lightens our physical world. The truth is that Sirius shines its light on our souls and spirits. We can gain a sense of freedom by taking this into consideration.

6: Peace

Spend some time in meditation and on yourself. Sirius emanates a strong peaceful vibrational energy. You can grab these vibrations and use them yourself, for your own health. They will help you restore your body, soul, and mind.


You can associate Sirius with high levels of technology. If you want to start a new venture into the technology sector, this is the best time to do so. The Lionsgate Portal will provide you with the energy that you require and you can use this to your advantage.  

8: Creativity

The Portal provides a time for creativity. You can try working on your latest creative project in this time frame This project will help you get off your ground and make you successful. 

The energy from the Lionsgate Portal will connect us with cosmic bodies, higher dimensional organisms, galactic frequencies, and such. It will help you activate your healings and expanding your wisdom in terms of spiritual knowledge.

The Portal will unlock your true potential. The Lionsgate Portal is coinciding with the New Moon of Leo in 2021.  



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