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The Dance Of Venus Creates A Cosmic Rose

By Souls of Silver

Clear your mind, for you are to witness the dance of Venus as June begins. 

What Is The Cosmic Rose? 

Venus moves around earth five times to create a rose-like pattern, in a cycle of 18 months for each petal. The entire duration of creating one rose takes around 8 years. Once a rose is completed, the cycle begins again as the dance of Venus restarts. 

Every new cycle starts with a Retrograde. Venus stands in perfect alignment with the Sun and moves on to take the form of a morning star. Venus, as a morning star, influences our personal relationships. As the cycle continues, Venus turns into an evening star. While in this form, Venus encourages us to turn to ourselves and focus on healing and self-care. 

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Venus completes 5 such cycles and then arrives at the spot from where the last cycle began. This completes the formation of one cosmic rose and signifies the beginning of another. 

Cosmic Rose For The Year 2020 

dance of Venus

While the year has not been outwardly beneficial for any of us yet, know that the step back is only preparing us for a leap forward. This year is especially important as the dance of Venus will complete one cosmic rose and begin another. 

On 3rd June, Venus will complete her final cycle and prepare to form another cosmic rose. Simultaneously, our life too will start anew. Try to harness the energy as much as you can and complete all your pending tasks. Begin a new cycle along with Venus. 

It is natural for you to feel unmotivated during this time, as this phase of the Venus cycle represents the death phase. But don’t worry, soon you will be re-energized as a new cycle dawns. 

How Did The Last Dance Of Venus Affect Us? 

As we prepare for a new beginning, let’s take a look at what the last Venus cycle meant for us.

The formation of the first rose petal began in June 2012. The new cycle signified a new beginning for us. You might have discovered something new about yourself, or you might have found a new significant someone in your life. 

The formation of the next four petals was in November 2014, August 2015, March 2017, and October 2018, respectively. Try to remember all the significant details from these particular years. If you have difficulty figuring it out, try tracing back your memories from June 2012. The new beginning plants a seed in you, which continues to grow throughout the eight years. 

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As the cycle comes to an end, you will know what to expect, and how to harness Venus’s energy to benefit you this time around. 

Focus on long term goals and keep track of your love life. As Venus starts dancing again, you will sense a feeling of release. Remember to start slow and strong, as the cycle is a long one. 

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