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Saturn-Pluto Alignment: Cosmic Transformation Incoming

By Souls of Silver

In the solar system, Saturn and Pluto happen two planets with most intensity. They transform us from within and bring about rebirths and awakening. When the two come in alignment, then major changes start to take place. But they come together rarely, aligning every 34-38 years. It’s going to occur again on 12th January, 2020. But this time, the alignment will be a special one. It’s going to take place in Capricorn, the sign on which they did not align for about 100 years. This can turn out to be a life-changing experience for most of us. This Pluto and Saturn alignment will affect us on a global scale and we are already experiencing parts of it in April.

As of now, Pluto and Saturn are at 3 degrees from coming in sync with one another. This is a near-alignment before they go retrograde at the end of April. These planets will come out of their retrograde state in December 2019 and then, a couple of days later, they will come in an amazing alignment, changing the world as we know it. If you observe closely, you can still find out certain themes of the future indicating the event of the future. Especially, 24th April when Pluto will go retrograde and 29th April, when Saturn will go retrograde are special days this month when you notice certain changes happening.

Saturn In Capricorn

Capricorn is Saturn’s ruling planet and it has been there since the month of December, 2017. It feels home in this sign and sends its energies to guide us forward. Saturn wants us to take responsibility for our destiny. It wants us to unleash our potential as for that, it can be a hard teacher, punishing us too. But that’s all right, because with every punishment, we learn a lesson to grow up. On a global scale, Saturn pushes on political systems and big corporations. It’s like the hand of justice that makes corporations do the right thing or face consequences. Saturn will stay in Capricorn till December of 2020.

Pluto In Capricorn

Pluto has remained in Capricorn for a long time since the year 2008. Pluto moves quite slowly and is methodical in that way. The water sign, Scorpio rules it, so when it is in the Earth sign, Capricorn, it is kind of irritated. But Pluto likes to make any place its home – and so, it is called the Lord of the Underworld. However, it is not frightening if you really know more about it. Pluto helps to transform us and helps us become one with our shadow side. When Pluto becomes active, it is time for us to redesign our lives. Leave the things or people that do not matter and start adding things that matter.

On a global scale, when Pluto is in Capricorn, it acts on big corporations, the banking system as well as the government. It wants to change things and make them more genuine in nature. Pluto is also associated with power. Under Pluto, powerful people will undergo a major transformation. Plus, Pluto is a spiritual planet. It makes you work on your shadow self and inner self so that you could reach inside to the depth of your soul. It’s the only way you can become genuine too. Pluto will stay in Capricorn till 2024 and then, it will not come back until late 2254. It’s just that way with Pluto – it leaves a lasting impression.

What Will Happen When Saturn And Pluto Meet?

When the planets meet, there will be a major transformation taking place at higher levels, like the government and political system. Plus, there will be a rebirthing process from within. It will connect you with a higher spiritual realm. But this can hit you like a storm.  The energy will reveal a lot of chaotic energy coming in your way. All you have to do is be more responsible and tackle the challenges with the new perspectives offered by the energies coming down on us due to the planetary alignments.

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When Pluto and Saturn aligned before, it had resulted in depressions, wars, revolutions and other changes, giving birth to new ways of life. The Pluto and Saturn Alignment is all about awakening us and making us prepared for this major change.

As of April, we get glimpses of this change. So, start preparing yourself. Best of luck.

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