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How An Ongoing DNA Upgrade Can Change Your Life

By Souls of Silver

All over the world, people have been realizing that something is changing in their bodies. The very structure of the DNA which defines them is evolving and so they need to take the time to explore their spiritual sides. This evolution paves the way for people to activate the ten ethereal strands of DNA allowing all twelve of their strands to be fully active.

Very few are aware of these ethereal strands. They are part of us from the moment we are born but they lie dormant till we gain the ability to activate them. Doing so requires a difficult journey and those who attempt it will find themselves transformed in no time at all. But it is worth it because the powers it brings are unbelievable and marvelous.

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They are above and beyond what we thought human beings could achieve. The universe’s hand is clear in their existence and feeling them activate is like nothing else in this life.

What Are The Powers You Can Gain?

1. Manifesting in other people’s dreams and controlling their dreams so that they are influenced in a certain direction in their waking lives as well.

2. Performing astral projections so that our souls can wander freely in the realm of the spirit thereby gaining further spiritual elevation.

3. An increase in intelligence, discernible by standardized tests as well as life’s challenges. Socio-emotional intelligence will be substantially heightened giving us a better grasp of the world around us.

4. Our progress on our spiritual journeys will be so great that we can telepathically communicate with other souls who are on par with us.

5. Controlling the internal functions of the body through biokinesis. By using this process, we can ensure that we don’t age as fast as everyone else and at times, even put a complete stop to the process.

6. We may also gain clairvoyance or other psychic powers.

7. The power to heal is greatly enhanced. DNA activation allows us the go straight to the root of a person’s spiritual ailments.

8. We become empaths and we can sense whatever the people around us are feeling at this moment. At the same time, we’ll also be able to sense why and how these emotions came to be.

How Do We Get Here?

As mentioned earlier, this is not an easy journey but there is no journey that is as worthwhile as this one. Keep attempting to ascend above the limitations of this physical world and you will surely be able to activate your DNA. These powers are part and parcel of the process that leads to our awakening. In this journey, the guidance of a mentor or a twin flame is important but you can give it a go on your own as well. Their presence will just make the path slightly easier as you are less likely to go astray.

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But rest assured that those who truly desire activation will find it eventually.

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