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Ritual For Pisces New Moon: Open Up Your Chakras

By Souls of Silver

March 6th would signal the advent of Pisces New Moon and it would send positive energy towards us. To put it simply, we would be attaining every single thing we had planned and worked for, and in these troubled times, good news couldn’t come sooner.

But to receive all that you deserve, you need to completely give in to the Cosmos and trust its judgment. You need to believe in yourself that no matter what comes your way, you would be right in your place when the magic of the New Moon crosses your path.

Before you start that, you should participate in the ritual for Pisces New Moon. It is going to cleanse every bit of your chakra, and leave you pure, unblemished and open. This will make you feel light and more attuned to the energy vibrations around you.

For best results, do this ritual for Pisces New Moon at night within March 5th – 14th, 2019.


Choice of smudging tool

Water filled bowl


Any crystal of your choice

Just don’t put any crystal ending with –ite in water because that may cause some harm.

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How To Do It?

Step 1: First, you need start by smudging your surroundings and your aura. As your aura is being smudged, recite:

“I feel free and light now, as the positive energies course through me. I am leaving everything that would pull me back, in order to soar in the open sky. My belief is that everything that would happen would be for the good.”

While smudging your surroundings, recite:

“I turned what didn’t align with my spirits into something that is pure, clean and fresh. My house turns into my home. Only contentment, satisfaction and happiness can enter through the door.”

Step 2: After taking deep breaths, try settling your mind, soul and body, and finally ignite your candle.

Step 3: Fill the bowl with crystals, and holding it up at arm’s length aligned to your heart chakra. Recite:

“Let the water be charged with the power of both day and night. I am ready to be cleansed by this water that has energies coursing through it. I am ready for all knowledge to find solace in me.”

Step 4: After placing the bowl down before you, insert a finger in the bowl and then, rub it over the root chakra, near the pelvic region. Recite:

“Let this ground me to my roots so I never forget my identity. Also, let it not stop me from being a better version of me with the passing of time.”

Step 5: Next, cleanse your hands and repeat the same process again. But this time, rub over the sacral chakra, below the belly button, and recite:

“I will bring health and happiness back to my sacral chakra, and also welcome abundance in to my humble abode.”

Step 6: Repeat the same with your solar plexus now. Recite:

“I feel the energy flow through me, which makes me content. I will let this energy restore my solar plexus, and finally be myself.”

Step 7: Again, repeat the process with your heart chakra, while reciting:

“I would open my whole heart to every form of love there is. May love find its destination here as my heart is now clear.”

Step 8: Now, do this with your throat chakra, near the neck. Recite:

“Let me speak unto my heart without fear. I am grateful for the voice that has been bestowed upon me and I would use it only for the truth.”

Step 9: Repeat this process with your third eye chakra located in between your two eyebrows. Then recite:

“As the blocks are removed from my third eye, I am ready to attain higher realms of spirituality. I would be one with the higher self, and will gladly receive everything presented to me.”

Step 10: Finally, repeat the process by placing your hands on the top of the head and speak out to the universe. Tell the spirits that you have successfully completed the ritual. You are willing to accept everything that you deserve. You have cleansed yourself completely, and are ready for your rewards.

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Step 11: As you are about to wrap up the entire process, dry off your hands, place them in the bowl one final time. Maintain a prayer position and keep the bowl before your heart chakra. Whisper your thanks and love and take 3 deep breaths. With each breath, following the declaration of thanks.

Step 12: Discard the water and blow out the candles. Keep the crystals near you or you can even take it with you if you want some healing through the day. Thus, you end the ritual for Pisces New Moon.

Don’t worry, everything is going to be alright. Just perform the ritual for Pisces New Moon and be ready for the energy to come to you.

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