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Healing Stones Reveal Your Personality: Find Out How

By Souls of Silver

Healing stones can spell out your personalities for you. In case you don’t believe us, just read on. Then go to the store and pick up any of the stones present. Trust us, you will choose the very stone which is closer to your personality. Surprising, right! You will understand what’s going on as you read this.


Opalite is a translucent, sparkling blue stone which helps in enhancing visions. It works best when it is placed just on the crown chakra while you are meditating. Opalite looks fancy but has several uses too. One of them is that if you are under a lot of stress, this stone can relieve you of it. This provides peace, something which you so direly need. Also, in case you are a stone-hearted Liam Neeson, this will calm you down. It works best when it is placed.

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This stone is emerald in color and would usually be present beside opalite. But why this stone? Is it simply the color? Not necessarily. Well, this stone is basically a vacuum cleaner for the spirit. It can suck in all the negative energies and toxins from within. It also hints at changes that might come in your life professionally and in a relationship.

Sun Stone

The name can make people understand what it is made of, and what its color could be. This sun is mostly a reminder of what the sun means to humanity, and how you should immerse yourself in the daylight. It also proves that you are simply a fun loving and colorful person.

Mahogany Obsidian Stones

The stone is chocolate in color, and the swirls present in them are simply the iron residues in the glass surface of the stone. This stone is used for removing energy blockages, and also preventing attacks of a psychic nature. But if you are choosing it, it means that your own subconscious wants to pull you out of something that is harmful and put you on the correct path.

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This stone was discovered in Nova Scotia in 1868, and has gained a reputation of making you ‘aware’ of higher realms of being and receiving messages from such beings. The power is always granted to the person wearing it. So, if you have it on yourself, try to look out for any kind of messages from higher powers. Also maintain a dream journal.

Dalmation Jasper

This stone is for people who seek fun in everything they do. They don’t want to get stressed while living their life. By the way, this stone is capable of breaking down obstacles in your path. Obstacles that you thought were needed but actually end up restricting you.

So, which healing stones are you going for?

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