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Pisces Season Is Here! How Will Your Zodiac Sign Navigate The Piscean Waters?

By Souls of Silver

The Sun has now moved into the last zodiac, and we are becoming more aware of both ourselves and our emotions. This Pisces season, we’ll become more empathetic as well as express more freely our creativity.

With the Mercury Retrograde happening now, we have to be more mindful of our communications. This Retrograde will be impacting our career as well as money matters.


Your thoughts have been running wild and far ahead of you. This Pisces season is here to bring you some respite. You’ll get to slow down and be able to focus on your desires. Once the Retrograde is over, you’ll be able to manifest those intentions.


Pisces season is meant for reconnecting with your old friends, dear Taureans. You will be focusing on networking now and hence new prospects will pop up. But be careful about what kind of energy you mingle with.

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You’ve been very working hard on your current project. Pisces season will be bringing you the recognition you deserve. But Pisces’ influence now might push you to switch to a different project- one that is more thought-provoking and innovative.

Pisces seasonCancer

While Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars will be creating problems in your romantic relationship, the Retrograde will help you settle your differences. By the time Mercury goes direct on 9th February, you’ll have to make a few tough decisions. Nothing to worry for, Mercury will be looking out for you.


Money on your mind? You’re all set to change your spending habits. High time you started preparing for your future. You’ve been on a spending spree but now you’re turning to the savings. Time to make a budget now!


With the Mercury Retrograde in this Pisces season, a past lover may be preparing for a comeback. You might question your current relationship, but don’t just leap into the next exciting thing you find. Take some time, reflect on your decisions, and then see if they are in your best interests.


Just like Virgo, you too will be welcoming some past lover or maybe a friend. With the Full Moon rising at the end of the month, things previously unknown to you may be revealed dramatically. The gossiping force will be strong now. But once Mercury Retrograde is over, you’ll have to face the consequences of these gossips.


Dear Scorpios, prepare for the romance in the month of the Fishes! But if you plan on making bold decisions, just wait for Mercury to turn direct. You can channelize that energy to be more creative. After the Retrograde, you’ll discover your true genius!


This Pisces season is here to curb your adventurous spirit. You’ll be more reflective now. You will want to reconnect with your family so that you can feel safer and more grounded.


You can become so very focused on your targets that you tend to forget the people who helped you climb the ladder. This Pisces season is the best time to finally slow down. Go thank the kind people for helping you reach your goals.

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Your wild side will now be looking forward to spending more time at home. With Mercury in your 2nd House of Money, you’ll be able to make better decisions regarding your finances. But most of the Pisces season’ll be about family and home as Uranus moves in your fourth house.


Happy birthday, Pisceans! ‘Tis your season now and the Sun is ready to shower you with blessings! Your emotional, as well as artistic sides, will now receive their due attention. You’ll also be moving happily towards your goals. Sit and plan how you wish to advance for the next few months to achieve all your goals.

Pisces season 2020 is about reflection, family. relationships, and future planning. Trust the Fishes and move on!

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