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Looking For True Love? Use Your Chakras!

By Souls of Silver

Well, the title might have been click bait-y, but let us be honest, who is not looking for true love?

We’re all drunk on the idea of everything fantastic that love has to offer- mush, security and the occasional forehead kisses. I am sure that reading that has also led to a flurry of thoughts in your head and why should it not? They say all we need is love, don’t they? Maybe it is true too. In our bid to find true love, we all try different techniques and platforms, but have we tried using what is at our disposal all the time?

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Yes, I am talking about our chakras. If your interest has been piqued, read on!

Root Chakra

Well, all that there is to say about this particular Chakra is that you would be upsetting it if you are pessimistic about finding love. Looking for love requires a certain degree of dignity and grace. What you give out, finds its way back to you, so the goal here is to not let the disappointment or heartbreak get to you. Positivity is your friend, hold its hand and take a walk.

Sacral Chakra

You have to be careful about this one. Do you feel tired a lot? You might have this Chakra to blame. This particular Chakra can get out of control and give out all your energies to other people and embrace what others might be giving out, essentially losing your spirit and that is a dangerous thing, because you have to hold on to your soul and person if you want to meet your match and fall in love. It would be like in movies; you gotta have some characteristics of your own to have someone else find similarities with you!

Solar Plexus Chakra

You have to show ‘em what you got! Get out there, into the dating scene. Download Tinder, Bumble and whatnot, and actually go out and meet people. The world will never know what it’s missing out on if it does not know what you have! Some people do have social anxiety and all of that, but finding love takes work and dedication and you have to give it that. Clubs, events, cafes- make yourself seen and you will see things happening!

Heart Chakra

See, love is about love. Allow me to explain, to have someone love you like you deserve to be loved, you have to give that love to yourself first. If you do not treat yourself with love and care, your aura will show it and people full of love will not be attracted to you. You have to treat yourself well to be in a relationship that will treat you well.

Throat Chakra

You probably read this on a lot of articles- because of how important it is! Be you – unapologetically, too. If you are not yourself, you would be deceiving people and nobody will love you for the person you are. So, be you and be loved.

Third Eye Chakra

Do not bring yourself down. You are the best version of yourself and even the best actor in the world would not do as good a job at being than you! You deserve the best things in life and stop telling yourself otherwise.

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Crown Chakra

Think about what kind of love you want. You attract what you make yourself about. Build a secure sanctuary of love around you.

So, there it is! You now have a whole new angle to look at love from. Cleanse your necessary Chakras in dig in; love is just around the corner!

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