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Get Ready For The Virgo Full Moon This March 2020

By Souls of Silver

March 2020 is here and it has brought with it a new set of cosmic phenomena. One of the most important phenomena will be that of the Virgo Full Moon. It is time to get in action, folks!

When the transiting Sun and Moon come in exactly opposite positions within the Zodiac cycle, then we call it a Full Moon. This gives out an emotional vibe that is associated with endings.

On 9th March 2020, at 1:48 PM ET, the Full Moon will appear in the sign of Virgo. This will be a good time to do things. It is so because of the sign of Virgo which represents diligent work and productivity. It always wants to get things done. Thus, this Full Moon will inspire you to tick every item off your to-do list.

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Virgo never leaves any work mid-way and it takes pride in what it does. So, the work you do during this time will be concrete and you won’t need to look back at it again. It’d be a waste of your time if you had to go back to the work and redo it!

Virgo Full Moon

You should focus on your work-life during this Full Moon, whether it is a job that pays you or not. If you’ve noticed some inefficiency in your working style at home in the past days then this is the right time to tweak your schedule and working style. Get more work done and get more organized; after all, perfectionism is the term that best describes Virgo!

But look out for your mental health as with all the work, Virgo is known to easily get stressed out! And being a Virgo Full Moon, this tendency will be at its highest. So, make sure that you are taking the required breaks from your work time. Remember, efficiency is increased when your body and mind are calm and energetic which is only possible with proper rest.

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This Full Moon will be in a trine position with the Jupiter (Capricorn) and it will be posited opposite to Neptune (Pisces). The trine position will make you optimistic about the work while the opposition from Neptune may make the water little muddy. You have to learn to focus in a better way and protect yourself from getting burned out.

So, work your way through that pending pile of work this Virgo Full Moon but make sure that your mental health is good!

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