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2020 Zodiac Travel Catalog: Where Should You Travel Next?

By Souls of Silver

Annual plans must include traveling. So in 2020, follow your zodiac travel catalog and make the best of your trip. Let the signs guide you in the direction that will be without obstacles and will have your best interests at its core. And just in case you lack ideas, it might give you inspiration.

Aries- Big Sur, California

Dark cliffs surrounded by the wide blue ocean and bright blue sky- that’s Big Sur for you! Aries needs to take time off for quiet contemplation. Big things lie ahead for you. So you must keep that in mind when preparing your travel plans.

Taurus- Rome, Italy

Venus shines bright and comes alive in this sign. It is time to budget for a trip abroad. Culture, history, and heritage should build Taurus’ zodiac travel catalog. It is time to take in the richness of Italian art and architecture. And you can never have enough of Italian food, eh?

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Gemini- Sedona, Arizona

The deserts of Sedona will give Gemini the chance to feel the earth. It is time to reach deeper within and reflect. To grow on the outside, Gemini would need to grow on the inside first. The vastness of Sedona will help.

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Cancer- Montreal, Canada

Cancer is prepared for a fresh start in 2020. Europe in America might help you achieve it. Get in touch with your romantic side in Montreal and find the adventure-lover in you.

Leo- New York City, New York

Leo has a lot lying ahead. So this sign is in need of inspiration. But this time the inspiration is not meant to come from some remote corner of the world. It is supposed to be there in the crowd. Go lose yourself to find your muse.

Virgo- Chiang Mai, Thailand

Virgo is in need of expanding its horizon. Visiting an exotic place and looking at the art and cuisine that is foreign might give you back the lease on life that has been missing. Let the zodiac travel catalog take you to the land of eternal moonlight.

Libra- Santa Fe, New Mexico

Libras are in need of bringing stability back. The balance of old and modern in Santa Fe will help Libras in balancing their life. You need to let go of the chaos and look for peace.

Scorpio- Dublin, Ireland

Scorpios need to get in touch with the curious and adventurous side of themselves that has been buried. You need to let the zodiac travel catalog take you on a wild horse across continents, where you can explore again.

Sagittarius- Road Trip

Your trip should not be about the destination but the journey itself. Carry with you the people you love. Make the most of the time. Make memories. Let the road take you ahead.

Capricorn- Paris, France

Capricorns need to look for subtle meanings. Take advantage of Jupiter’s presence and let your strength guide you. Relish the wine and cheese. Do the things you have never done before.

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Aquarius- Boulder, Colorado

Aquarius needs rejuvenation. This sign is looking to channelize its energy into the activity. Go into the great outdoors and find what you are looking for.

Pisces- Maui, Hawaii

Pisces needs to go to the southern zone. Your zodiac travel catalog has great seas and white sands and a lot of fun in store. Pisces can have a very long party break soon. Enjoy your vacation!

Go and rejoice in good health and spirits.

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