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Soul Groups Are Unique: Have You Met Someone From Your Group Yet?

By Souls of Silver

It wouldn’t go amiss to say that you must have met someone from your soul group. But, what is a soul group? Simply put, a soul group is a group of different souls, who have the same purpose on this mortal realm. This means, that even if the humans aren’t clones of each other, their soul functions in the same way- to bring something new, unique, and useful to this world.

Spiritualists claim that a soul group is chose by an individual, before they are born. Now, you might not be in the same timeline as all, but the purpose, the destination remains the same. In the meantime, you develop your own personality too.

Your soul group would come into your life, during stress, and help shine a light in the dark. They would bring in an epiphany- a knowledge of your past, your future, and most importantly, your present.

Where do you think the term ‘soul mate’ comes from? They are the closest members in the soul group, and their mission is mostly entwined within each other. Although this term implied romantic connotations, there are several forms of soul mates: family, romantic partners, friends, even enemies, and chance encounters.

There is no exhaustive list of the number of incidents that would prove your meeting with your soul group, but here’s a list of 10 ways.

  1. Their life experiences replicates yours, hence they are able to understand what you are going through.
  2. They would light a torch on your personality, and help you develop.
  3. They help you transform your weaknesses into your strengths.
  4. They would maintain a balance between the positive, and the negative energies, and show you a life full of peace.
  5. They would be your partner, seeking peace, compassion, and kindness.
  6. They would advise you on several healing techniques, and also to let go of negative emotions.
  7. They would be in your life, to help you navigate the path you are walking upon.
  8. They would bring out the innovator in you.
  9. They would help you in your progress towards salvation.
  10. They would join you in your struggle to make this world a better place.

Have you met them yet?



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