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If You Have These Signs Then You Are An Indigo Child

By Souls of Silver

Just like there exist star children or crystal children, an indigo child is also someone who has taken birth on earth to awaken us, mere human beings, to a higher form of existence.

An indigo child, from a very early age, is generally prone to various mental health issues like behavioral disorders and ADHD. People look down on these children, and they are tried to be cured by paediatricians, psychiatrists by prescribing drugs that result in their physical and mental impairment. Indigo children do not have any medical issues but get affected by the false treatments forced on them

11 signs to identify yourself as an Indigo Child:

1. Possess strong willpower

How others treat you does not really affect you mentally. You have a different kind of focus in life and you are absolutely hell bent on achieving it.

2. You feel like you are old, soul-wise

Children your age, or your peers have always disappointed you with their incapability of matching your level of maturity. Your mind seems to be aware of so many things others have no clue about, age-old wisdom is at your doorstep.

3. Free thinking lives in your spirit

Tradition cannot limit you with its strict rules. Faith for you carries a very different meaning, it is liberating and not constraining. Raising questions to well established notions is something that you always do.

4. Finding the truth is your goal

While others are lying through their teeth, you can clearly see the lies. Truth is you are on a true mission and you keenly pursue it.

5. Intelligence comes naturally

Your intelligence level is well above your peers and your perceptions about life are well formulated with truth. What seems difficult to others comes easily to you.

6. Intuitive powers lie within you

Intuition often directs your course of action as you are successful at sensing energies around yourself

7. You are here to change our world

You were born on earth to make it more humane. Your mind is always occupied with the idea of spreading positivity all around you.

8. Idealist in nature

Immersed with notions of your own construed ideal world, you seen to ignore the practical problems around you.

9. Very creative in nature

You have your own set of signs and symbols through which you try to communicate. It cannot be deciphered by any random person, one needs to a genius to be able to even begin understanding you.

10. In animals and nature you find yourself

You find peace in places with least human interference. Nature soothes your nerves and animals calm you down.

11. Boredom comes easily to you

All around you everyone gets excited with the trivial things which seem to bore you to death. Your level of excitement is so much more different than an average person.

Are you an Indigo child? Or do you know someone as such?



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