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Are You A Reincarnated Soul? Check For These Signs

By Souls of Silver

It is common knowledge that most religions believe in reincarnation; that the human soul never really lives the mortal realm. The body decays, but the soul finds another host for it. And this continues forever until we attain salvation. But, is there a way to know that you have a reincarnated soul?

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Here are 10 ways that would make you believe that your soul is reincarnated.

1. Intuition

People who are reincarnated usually have a high intuitive ability. They are somehow always able to know the outcome of certain events even before they have come to its conclusion. This could attest to the fact that they have lived this life once already. They could also have a connection with other dimensions, which facilitated this information.

2. Deja Vu 

Sometimes you come across places, events, and people when you get a flashback of something that happened to you, but you can’t, for the life of it, remember when it did. It seems obsessively familiar to you, as if you have experienced it in this life, but it is actually your past life that has.

3. Sensitive

You feel emotions and sensations deeply. You understand people, and you can identify with what they are going through because you feel it inside you. But this makes it difficult for you to live, as the chaos in this century puts you in a position where your soul wants to heal everyone, but your body can’t.

4. Outsider

You somehow feel that maybe you are an outsider here. You don’t feel connected to anyone. No one makes you feel like family. And despite the deja vu, you still don’t see yourself relating to the normalcy of people around you.

5. Touristy

You want to go visit places that are extremely far away. It could be because your previous life was based at that very place, and it still calls you to it even today. Also, it does make you realize that home is exactly where the heart wants it to be.

6. Deep Conversations

Cheap, meaningless chatter bothers you. You want to talk about the world, and the mysteries it contains because that would help you in connecting to any single human on earth. As mentioned earlier, you don’t connect well with people around you, and a meaningful conversation about life and death might actually solve that.

7. Past Life Memories memories of an reincarnated soul

Sometimes you get flashbacks of the past, which you have no recollection of. Sometimes you might look at a certain individual and guess his name correctly, even though you have never met him. You might be listening to a particular song on the radio, which would get you thinking about this situation which you were never in, in this life. And when you come back to your senses, you would simply chalk it up to delusion, or a dream.

8. Not Connected To Your Parents

You might love the family you are with now, but you don’t feel connected to them. It always feels like you have a different set of parents elsewhere, who were your parents in your previous life, whom you think about a lot. You feel like a misfit in your present family.

9. Solitude

You love to stay alone with your thoughts. You don’t want anyone to bother you. Simply your thoughts, where you plan your life, all the while getting flashes of days long gone. You want this time away, to deal with society, and also to recuperate from it.

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10. Fears

Your fears are very natural, intense, and real. They are also an indication of what killed you in the last life. For example, if you have a fear of water, it could mean you drowned.

So, does it feel like you belong in the previous life?

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