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The Healing Power Of Mudras Can Make You Feel Confident And Secured Within

By Souls of Silver

Mudras are often associated with Yoga and meditation. These special hand gestures, if done properly, can result in spiritual and mental well-being. Our karmic power points are present on our fingers, and karma is represented by our hands. By joining the two, we will develop a link between the cosmic energy and the pranic force, and enjoy the healing power of mudras. 

The basic elements of our world – air, earth, fire, and water – can display the healing power of mudras too. They are:

1. Air Or Vayu Mudra

Vayu Mudra
It helps to remove any constrictions present within our body, caused by excess air. You can do it while standing or lying down. You can fold the index finger in a way where you can see the phalanx bones. Press the second phalanx bone with your thumb tip. Your index fingertip should be touching your thumb base. It relieves you of gas problems and helps with neck pain. 

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2. Earth Or Prithvi Mudra

healing power of mudras
It strengthens our bones and helps us feel stable and confident. It also tackles vitamin deficiency. All you have to do is sit in a lotus pose, touch your ring fingertip and thumb, and keep the others stretched or completely free. In a day, do this three times for 30-45 minutes.

3. Fire Or Agni Mudra

healing power of mudras
This powerful mudra exemplifies the healing power of mudras. It helps to dissolve fat, tackle cholesterol, and lower BP. Perform on an empty stomach. You can fold the ring finger, touch the thumb base with its tip, and place your thumb tip on the second phalanx bone of your ring finger. You can do it for 20 minutes every day and enjoy the healing power of mudras.

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4. Water Or Jal Mudra

Jal MudraWater detoxifies your body and helps prevent drying. It helps blood flow and gives your skin an awesome glow. It can be performed at any time. You just have to lie or sit in a simple pose, touch your thumb tip with your little finger, and leave the rest free.

May the healing power of mudras keep you healthy and confident!

Images: fractalenlightenment.com



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