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Heal Your Heart And Increase Your Vibrations With These 3 Love Crystals

By Souls of Silver

Have you been struggling in your relationship? Do you feel unloved? Chances are your heart chakra is all out of balance. So what can you do to restore balance and increase your vibrations? This center of love and compassion is best worked on with love crystals.

Here are 3 crystals you can use to heal your heart and also let love and empathy flow freely within:

Rose Quartz

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Known as the crystal for unconditional love, rose quartz if one of the most important love crystals that can heal your heart chakra. The feminine energy of this quartz vibes with both your heart and higher heart chakra (thymus chakra). This crystal can both deepen your romantic relationship and purify your heart at the same time.

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You can meditate with rose quartz if you wish to develop self-love, become closer to your family, and get relief from heartache too. Rose quartz can be placed near the bed or in the relationship corner for best results.

Green Aventurine

love crystals Green aventurine is often used to promote harmony. The soft energy that emanates from it can smoothen friction and negativity in relationships. It attracts new opportunities by releasing unhealthy habits. Strongly associated with Mother Nature, aventurine can be a great protector of your heart chakra.

If you struggle with a hectic schedule or want to sharpen your focus or stabilize your emotions, you can meditate with a green aventurine. It is one of the love crystals that can help you remain calm but it also brings romantic luck for you!


Considered as the purest form of green ray energy, emerald is a great love crystal that can heal and activate your heart chakra. Among the love crystals, this is known as the one bringing successful love. It helps balance your relationship, encourages loyalty and promotes unconditional love. Often associated with prophecies, emerald can also bless you with much wisdom if you wear it.

Strive towards mental, emotional, as well as physical balance with an emerald on you. It can be worn as a ring on the ring or little finger. But if you notice your emerald changing color, chances are someone is being unfaithful in the relationship.

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Not just love crystals and stones, you can also activate and balance your heart chakra by doing yoga, keeping flowers near you, and spending some time in the lap of nature. Keep spreading the love!

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