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Wholeness: 3 Paths To Attain Your Center

You might have asked yourself, what does wholeness mean or how can you experience it.

This term will be known to you if you have been searching for your soul or your spirit for a long time. 

You might be confused about this concept, on the reality of it or is it a whimsical one?

Wholeness is a real concept and can be experienced. It is at the core of your spiritual path and it is quite helpful to know about.

You will be able to look for deeper meanings in your life after learning about wholeness. 

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Wholeness: What Is It?

Wholeness is a process, journey, and experience of your inner self. 

You are dealing with a paradoxical world where 2 opposite states meet.

The paradox, here, is that wholeness is a character of your inner being and feels like an experience. It is also a process of dismantling our layers to release the inner core and a journey that we need to experience. 

We talk about New Age and Psychospiritual wholeness. Psychospiritual combines spirituality and psychology while New Age deals with the practices that will bring your focus back on love and light. This looks at wholeness as an ocean of oneness

The Psychospiritual way speaks about the creation of unity in our being.

Both these ways are valuable and true. The New Age highlights the beauty of wholeness while the Psychospiritual way integrates the hard work done to obtain the experience. 

Individuation To Unlock Wholeness

Individuation is the journey to unlock wholeness and create a balance between our spirits’ inner and outer worlds.

3 Paths To Experience Wholeness

Wholeness is not a linear process, but a circular one. We move in and out to dissolve the obscured layers covering our Inner Light.

The commitment to wholeness must arise from your heart as it is at the center of the journey to your spiritual awakening

1: Self-compassion

You should start practicing self-care and indulge in loving yourself. The more you do these, the gentler you become. You will also be more caring towards yourself.


Practice ‘Parts work’ to explore and unify the buried parts of your mind to bring them back to the Whole. 

The heart work is quite powerful and you should get used to saying “It’s okay” or “I Love You” to others from your flawed parts. 

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2: Draw Mandalas

Wholeness is represented by circles and this shape is known as Mandala in Sanskrit.

Mandalas can reach the depths of your mind and can be used as a doorway to the psyche.

The mandalas must be sensed to represent wholeness as it is both “whole” and “fractured” at the same time. 


Get a pen/pencil and a piece of white paper. Draw a mandala that you find intimidating and meditative. Several mandalas are found over the internet. You should practice drawing them every day and maintaining a journal about the experiences.

3: Embrace Your Dark Side

We are imperfect beings and all of us carry our “dark sides” within us. This version of you is known as the ‘shadow self’ as it is hidden from plain sight. It is present deep into our unconscious minds and suppressed from awareness.


The New Age way denies this shadow self, but we believe that denial will enlargen this shadow, make it larger and angrier.

Embrace all the elements present in yourself to experience inner wholeness. Work on self-love, shadow work, and inner child work in order to feel freer. 

You need to build a strong foundation by loving yourself and then befriend your dark side. You also need to work on your inner child, as it heals your past and you will be safe to roam into the dark.



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