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Which Egyptian God Or Goddess Is The Guardian Deity Of Your Zodiac Sign?

By Souls of Silver

Ancient astrology differs vastly from modern methods, though not many realize that.  Coming to the astrology of Egypt, things have changed from what it used to be. There used to be 12 ruling Egyptian divinities who guard and protect the 12 zodiac signs named after them. Therefore, as per your usual zodiacs, these will match along with their specific characteristics with reason. 

Egyptian Zodiac Symbols: 

1. Aries/Osiris 

Osiris is responsible for rebirth. This powerful deity makes these symbol bearers daring and lovers of teaching hence become a little overbearing at times. These people are capable of getting tons done while they themselves require a lot worked upon. 

2. Taurus/Amun-Ra 

Egyptian god Amun- Ra

Amun- Ra is considered the strongest of all. People bearing this sign are powerful and useful. They might be a little introverted in nature but can be very good listeners for loved ones. 

3. Gemini/Seth 

Little known to many, Seth is the god of chaos and determination. This symbol might make the bearer temperamental and pretty unrelenting. They find it difficult to let go by stretching things too far, yet can be the spirit of the event at times. Even though being around them is lovely at times it’s overbearing. 

4. Cancer/Bastet 

Bastet is the protector of women. This Goddess gives her protected beings her unique charming nature. Even though it might seem Bastetians are a little clingy but overall they harbor good intentions in the heart.

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5. Leo/Anubis 

Guardian of the world and the dead, Anubis is one of the most extraordinary Gods of Egypt. With this symbol, overpowering nature and forced leadership can be seen in people. Holding back is not their thing, instead, they put all energy into their work and everything. 

6. Virgo/Thoth 

Rulers of Wisdom, Thoth make these symbol bearers very keen listeners and willing to make constructive changes. Getting along with them may not be smooth always due to their self-presentation, hence things get problematic. 

7. Libra/Geb 

It is not a popular fact, but Geb is a very loving God. Very loving and caring souls thrive under his protection. Extremely modest in nature, these people count it as an added feather to their cap. 

8. Scorpio/Mut 

Protector of all, Goddess Mut makes her people very diligent workers who thrive towards their goals against all adversities. What ties them down a bit is their outlook at times.

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9. Sagittarius/Hapi 

The famous God of Nile, Hapi, might be a little misrepresented to masses as highly intense in nature. People under his protection are hasty decision makers yet very wise. However, the sign signifies these people can pace down as a person if required. 

10. Capricorn/Horus 

Egyptian god horus

God Horus is the harbinger of harmony. Stubborn yet charming people thrive under his protection. They confuse the world with their protection and refuse to back down on any matter. 

11. Aquarius/Sekhmet 

Sekhmet always makes sure that proper justice is carried out. Though she does not harbor grudges but makes it a point to see things are done in the correct fashion. People under her protection are very welcoming yet pretty impatient in nature. They are friendly people, but contradictory qualities could complicate things at times. 

12. Pisces/Isis

Goddess of Motherhood, Isis makes the ones under her protection controlling and demanding. Limits are a myth to these people, and they ask for much more they can deal with. 

Well, that covers all the zodiac signs along with their Egyptian equivalents. How much does your nature match due to your guardian deity’s effect? Let us know! 



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