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What Separates A Life Partner From A Twin Flame?

By Souls of Silver

Twin Flame relationships are different from love relationships simply because Twin Flames are essentially the same soul in two different bodies. They help their other half grow, for it will help in their own development. On the other hand, your life partner would be someone you wanted to spend your life with- not because you are looking for individual growth but because you actually want a relationship to traverse time.

Here are the three major differences between the two.

Life Partners Are All About Love- Twin Flames Need Not Be That

Life partners are usually people in love- it doesn’t happen any other way. If you have unconditional love for the other person, and it is reciprocated, that person would definitely be your life partner. But Twin Flames don’t work that way- a Twin need not be your romantic partner, for they are more about seeking the truth than seeking love. They know you inside out and know what you are capable of. It can be said that they have looked deep inside you and are simply a mirror to your own existence.

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A Life Partner Might Not Cause Pain But A Twin Flame Definitely Would

A Twin Flame is supposed to cause you intense pain- for that is the only way you will grow. After all, a diamond only glitters with clarity when it is put under a lot of pressure. Similarly, your Twin is going to put you under a lot of pressure just to get the real you out.

Twin Flame

A life partner might cause some pain too, but that will simply be due to misunderstandings. The pain will heal much more quickly and it would mostly be a simulation in the relationship. In this scenario, you are trying to get to know your partner better. In your relationship with your Twin, you will get to know yourself better.

A Twin Flame Is Someone Who Leaves- A Life Partner Stays

One of the biggest differences between a life partner and a Twin Flame is that you choose your own life partner, but a Twin is assigned to you. A Twin Flame leaves your life, only to come back at certain intervals to help you deal with your problems. A life partner stays and loves you for who you are- a Twin Flame arrives to make you what you are.

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Your Twin doesn’t need to be someone you love but their physical presence in your life and the physical relationship you share with them is extremely important. Interestingly, the moment they are done with helping in your development, their importance in your life keeps decreasing until one day they are just a memory to you.

So, do you have someone in your life now? Well, you can be assured now whether they are your life partner or your Twin Flame.

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