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If You Are An INFJ Person You Will Identify With These 12 Problems

By Souls of Silver

Being an INFJ person cuts both ways. It is maddening but it is true that we tend to be insightful and have a better overall picture of the world around us. We can be deeply concerned about our relations with individuals as well as empathize with the state of humanity at large. But being sensitive causes a host of problems. These are the same problems that introverts also face.

1. Strangers Share Their Secrets With An INFJ Person

an INFJ person

It is something about our nature that makes complete strangers confide in us their deepest, darkest secrets. People seem to understand that we listen compassionately and creatively to the hidden silences. Inner feelings are not always revealed in words. They lie concealed between layers of silence or in the abyss of the unsayable. And such trust when reposed by a complete stranger can be disconcerting.

2. We Take It Personally When We Fail To Cheer Up A Person

Making others happy is a life mission for an INFJ person. Keeping us out of the loop is not the solution as we can detect problems from afar. And not being able to do anything about it can be maddening. We take it personally and it is a blow to our self- esteem.

3. The Contemplative And The Carefree Both Reside In Us

The wisdom that we possess should not be equated with that of the sages. It is more of fatigue with the world and all that we seek is understanding and the sense of inner peace. But the child in us also bursts forth at times. To make room for both to reside in oneself can be a challenge.

4. Go Easy On The Self

Being the perfectionist is fraught with problems. We tend to set aside what has been done and are distracted by the little left unachieved. The quest for perfection can be taxing and an INFJ person should recognize that perfection is not a 9 to 5 job.

5. You Bleed From Other People’s Wounds

We take to heart the feelings and experiences of others. We make it our own. Getting to the core of a problem is a good way to solve it. But it drains you emotionally.

6. Putting A Lid On One Emotion Is Like A Pressure Cooker Without A Safety Valve

an INFJ person

For an INFJ person, emotion-sharing is a one-way street. When it comes to sharing their own, they just clam up. And then the inevitable happens. And after the explosion there comes the fallout – pangs of guilt and dollops of embarrassment.

7. Their Loyalty Can Be Misunderstood As Personal Interference

INFJs’ sense of loyalty to those close to them can be disconcerting for those who consider it as interference in their personal lives. Attention is the last thing we desire being introverts. The well being of those close to us is all we seek.

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8. Every Problem Is A Major Mission

A minor problem can spiral into a major one once an INFJ person sets their heart to it. Putting too much into every problem we confront can be emotionally draining and our greatest fear boils down to the distinct possibility of living a worthless life.

9. We Turn On The Tears Too Easily

No place or situation is out of the purview of our tears. A sad song, a distant memory is enough to open up the tap. You may be alone or in a stadium, it makes no difference.

10. Mistaken For Loners And Considered A Looney

People generally take us to be oddballs. It is true that we are a shade unpredictable. Distant and rude are words that are used against us. But they do not realize that we live in a different world where we have jumped into a tangle of emotions and we wade slowly through it.

11. Life Is A Long Term Plan

an INFJ person

We plan for everything ages in advance. Every little aspect finds its way into our long term plan, even meals, and everyday activities. Flexibility is not our plus point. As we are so jumbled emotionally, we need to be stable at least in the details of everyday routine.

12. Every Single Word Has To Be Put Through The Grinder

Even a letter takes hours of research on the net. And then comes the part when we try to guess the impact that each word will have on the reader. And it is also true in the reverse case as we tend to analyze each word and look for hidden meanings.

You might experience such problems every day but you can take heart from the fact that you are in exalted company. Wear such traits on your sleeve. The world needs a few more INFJ people like you!

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